Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Superboy #3 & Justice League Dark #3

I had to make cuts because of money reasons which is why I'm giving up Animal Man. It was good but it wasn't that high on my list of favorites. I also gave up Static Shock but that was mainly because of the confusing plot elements. I wanted to love it but it was becoming a chore to read. I felt like I missed out on too much and I just started getting the arc. 

Superboy #3:

I enjoyed this, don't get me wrong, but it's definitely one of those issues that reads better with the whole arc instead of a stand alone. Superboy is fascinating because he's not sure how the world works or even who he is. It makes me think that the old Connor/Kon-El skipped a few steps when he showed up pre-relaunch. I loved the way the characters are written. Fairchild or rather "Red" comes off very strong. Rose knows who she really is and calls her on not being willing to go after Superboy without risking her secret. Seeing Red getting mad over Superboy trying to scare her into complying is awesome even if you know who she is beforehand. 

The one complaint I have, and it's really not a big one since the arc isn't over, is the seemingly random Lava Lady. (That's not her name, she's not given one and for all I know might be a Superman rogue.) She appears to die just after she gives a summary of her origin. But I'm still fond of this book.

Justice League Dark #3:

I'm not sure if I get why Zatanna is mad at Constantine. He used her style of backwards spells to wake her up from a trance she couldn't escape. The art leads me to believe that's personal as she looks uncomfortable for a panel but unless this is explained better later she's overacting. It's messed up because not only does she want to mindwipe that information from her exs' mind this is the lady behind the mindwipes in Identity Crisis. She should know better than think it will solve all her woes. I think Constantine is fast becoming my favorite character for his snark and telling her that his head is off limit. I don't blame him for leaving. I know his character is supposed to be a bastard but I totally side with him in this.

I like June as well although there's not much shown with her outside her fear of rejoining her other half. I think Deadman is trying to blame his previous actions on the Enchantress. If it was her fault then it read differently to me. It came off more like an attempt at humor and Boston being desperate to be with Dawn. Shade tries to summon Boston only to scare June off. He thinks Xanadu is trying to change the future but she claims it can't be changed. I admit I'm a sucker for stories that play with the idea of destiny vs. free will. Hopefully we'll get into that in due time. 

Boston did hear Shades' message but he chose to stick with June. She thinks it's all a set up and would rather die than go back to the madness. In a rather cool scene Boston takes over to save her through his training as an acrobat. Although I'm nitpicking when I think of whether or not he should be able to do those flips in a body that's not trained for it. I don't like the implication June is making that she'll be with Boston if he let's her die. Although it works nicely with the idea that their all screwed up. 

Shade is pretty damn lonely and I feel for him. It's weird how some character actions bother me while others don't. Of course it's partly due to the M-Vest controlling things. I have no idea what is up with Mindwarp as they don't get into things like if he knows these people. I guess he's just flipping out because he's insane (according to Shade.) I'm happy to see that Boston told June no (at least at this point) on the whole killing thing. Only, guess who they meet on the road?

Did You Notice?: Mindwraps' comics are Flashpoint tie ins some of these members were apart of. Secret Seven and Deadman and the Flying Graysons. 


  1. I haven't been reading Superboy, but dang it, Justice League Dark has been pretty good. I also am fond of Constantine.

  2. Superboy is pretty awesome. He's different but still likable. I should post scans of it at some point.

    I liked this issue far more than last issue but JLD still interests me.