Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Justice League International #4

Justice League International #4:

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This feels like the weakest of the JLI issues. I guess there's not enough character interaction and it feels a lot shorter than normal. I'm pleased to see Ice and Godiva getting moments of awesome when they break the team out. More so for Godiva who proves her unique usefulness to the team. And before anyone claims she has a thing for groping her teammates that thing with Batman was obviously an accident. She looks embarrassed but it's just hilarious. Although I have to wonder if Jurgens is trying to write the way people think Winick writes. Because so far every issue has this kind of humor (like last issue Booster still gets felt up by the mud monsters.)

I like the idea of the Signal Men and that their Galactus-like master is dead. Their new master only cares for the worlds' resources that he plans to plunder. It's a nice Jurgens twist on the idea. A once noble intention taken over by someone else for more profitable means. 

The main thing I have to talk about is Guy, because as awesome as he is this issue made me sad. I know the clock has either been turned back or had events erased but seeing him act like this towards Booster? That hurts. My favorite Guy moment was his support during the Omac Project, he was the one person that was there to look out for Booster. Did that still happen? Is this only bitterness over being rejected for leadership? They may have not been teammates before but they worked together. Death of Superman is still considered canon meaning they fought back to back. There should be some mutual respect there. Even in the old canon there was something stronger, like a bond of misfits. It's sad to see that gone especially since Booster did seem concerned for Guy. 

Plus it really tells you something when you're on a team and Batman looks like a saint compared to you. Seriously, BATMAN is the supportive, nice one and Guy is the jerk. Do you want to be one punched in this canon Guy?

Did You Notice?: I think Jurgens likes the Fantastic Four because this is the second time (that I'm aware of) that a story of his alludes to the book. The first was with Cyborg Superman where his team suffer through a similar origin but only he survives. This sounds a little like Galactus, the Watchers and these god like beings that passed judgement on planets (can't think of their names.)

Questions Raised?: I know the Guardians suck at this sort of thing but none of the lanterns ever tried to stop this guy?


  1. You know that I love these characters, but I think you're right...this issue was a little "off" for some reason. For one thing, these guys may be newbies in some respects, but they ARE powerful. Heck, Guy alone should have been able to take down the Bad Guy! He's in the Honor Guard of the Green Lantern Corps for Pete's sake!

    Presumably things will change in the next issue, and they'll actually all start pulling their weight. And as for that moment with Batman and Godiva? I giggled.

    And yes, Guy's animosity towards Booster seems so...odd.

  2. Since Jurgens is building up his bad guy I don't blame him for the team coming off this way. Guy, despite being a GL, doesn't even know who he is. His ring didn't translate the alien language rather the alien learned english through him.

    I think I'm loving Godiva more and more each issue. Batman too, because as jerky as he comes off I adore it when he's this cool.

    Yeah I don't think he was this mean towards Ted when he took over when Superman wasn't around. He's been a little mean towards Booster in the past but nothing like this.

  3. Was the first appearance of the Signal Robot not also based on a FF cover?

  4. I suppose so. They remind me of the Celestials though.