Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why I'm glad they redid the Robin costume

Well at least Jasons'. I don't know if they redid Dicks'. I think there was two different origins to it and one of them had Dick picking it out. So yeah Dick is a sadist. I never liked the idea of Jason wearing Dicks' outfit because he hated it and what does that say about Bruce when he forces the next kid to wear the same outfit?

On a side note I love this arc. This takes place just after Crisis with Donna Troy desperately trying to keep the Titans together in some form. Dick was in a bad place and acted like his name. What's tragically funny is that every single person she picked out except Jason was going through some serious emotional upheaval due to personal matters (Donna herself was very distressed due to Dicks' words.) 

Seriously. Wally is trying to honor Barry as the Flash but hasn't gotten the hang of it. Garth is depressed because his love Tula died. Hawk is moody and kinda nuts after his brother Don died. Donna is trying to juggle being a wife and being a leader that doubts herself. Roy is trying to keep his affair with Cheshire under wraps and soon learns he's a daddy. The rookie of the team, Jason, is trying to fit in but a little freaked out over how everyone is acting. 

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