Monday, October 1, 2012

All in the Family

Skimming through my zero collection it occurs to me that here was a pretty big change to the bat books that’s not really talked about as a whole. In the new 52 the family has changed. Their no longer a group of orphans that end up together. Nope, more family members are mentioned and with them comes the potential for more stories.

Bruce Wayne has his ancestors looked at by Morrison and Snyder prior to the relaunch in The Return of Bruce Wayne and Gates of Gotham. Recently Snyder has added a darker look into the family with hints of Martha Waynes’ family, the Kanes. It's not clear if Jacob, Kate, Beth, or Betty Kane are related to Bruce. Of course there’s also “Lincoln March” who claims to be Bruces’ little brother, Thomas Wayne Junior.

Damian Wayne already has Talia has a mother and Ra’s al Ghul as a grandfather. There was also his great Grandfather (the Sensei), aunt Nyssa Raatko, his uncle “the White Ghost, and great aunt (the unnamed half sister to Ra’s in Red Robin.) Now he and Bruce have Helena Wayne making an appearance, making her Damians’ half sister.

Barbara Gordons’ younger brother James Gordon Junior was revealed as a killer just before the relaunch but they now share a mother, she’s Jims’ daughter and it looks like Sarah was never their step-mom.

Dick Grayson only had one family member introduced, his great grandfather William Cobb, a Talon for the Court of Owls.

Tim Drake didn’t get any new family members thus far but his parents are alive in this ‘verse.

Jason Todd gets the most fleshing out after the Waynes as his family history is revealed. Shelia Haywood is no longer his birth mother as former step-mom Catherine meshes with the Shelia characters’ history to be the sole mother. His father Willis dies by other means, the fates of Willis' six siblings, parents and Catherines’ parents are unknown. It’s also unclear if Jasons' mothers’ pregnancy was carried to term.

Cassandra Cain didn’t show up or have another new family members revealed but it looks like Lady Shiva isn’t her mother anymore.

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