Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Batman #13

I'm glad I don't get all my comics through subscription. The wait is a killer.

SPOILERS AHEAD although this comic has been out for awhile.

I didn't think I'd enjoy it as much as I did. It's not perfect. The cops weren't as trained as they should have been but I can let that slide. Some of the Jokers' speech, mainly the stuff at the end and the back up, reads off. Did I find any of it scary? No. I do think it has a great set up in the art and in the story. I liked the talk about "the signs" at the beginning. How it wasn't something they were taking seriously but knew others would. I totally buy that Damian is cocky enough not to take the Joker serious despite being taken hostage by him. It's not really as pompous as his statement during the Robin arc but it's the same vein. I'm wondering how far their go to burst that bubble.

While Bruce was dumb not to tell Barbara about the situation it's not unheard of for his character. I can see him not wanting to deal with the emotional reactions of others and liked how he's determined to take care of this himself. It's something I look forward to being explored in the crossover since his family makes him so interesting. Their involvement was the reason I decided to pick this up after all. I wasn't at all surprised by how this issue ended. I think most people assumed Alfred would get harmed since all the members of the bat clan adore him. Since this is a twist of past memories the Joker shares with Batman I guess this is a new take on Jasons' beating? Dare I follow Batman & Robin or even Nightwing for DOTF? ...Maybe B&R or at least a issue of it.

Say What?: The repeated mention of a whole year (or in the back ups' case more than a year) ticked me off. Mainly because everyone except Morrison and Tomasi are bending over backwards to make this 5 year thing work. Not only has Snyder said Dick was Batman for a year but now the Joker was gone for a year? Is this year six then? Other books haven't taken place over a whole year as only months have passed since their books started. It's very annoying, something I'll try to ignore.

Jokers' calling card? I haven't read that many epic Joker stories so the only thing I can think of it the Joker card Batman usually has hanging in his cave.

Did You Notice?: The van Joker uses is called "Forget me not."

A LOT of cops died in this. Other than Bullock and Gordon are there any other cops left?

How did Batman show up at the police station so fast? Was he checking up on another case?

Shock of shocks they didn't show Jasons' case when talking about the Joker. Though their likely do it later on in the arc. I think there's a mandate that it has to be symbolically broken at least once per event. I’ll give Snyder extra points if Jason is involved in it’s breaking.

Harley wears make up? Guess that retcon about it being her skin isn't sticking outside the SS book.

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