Sunday, October 28, 2012

Short Reviews: I, Vampire & Batwing

I got these trades for my birthday. I will say that even though I loved both of them their the kind of books I think I rather trade wait for because I believe the issues will read better back to back.


I, Vampire:

This isn't some overly cheesy romantic epic, it's a story about two lovers that chose different paths in dealing with humanity. Mary is sick of hiding what they are and letting humans rule them. She thinks it's about time they took over the world and become a force to be reckoned with. Andrew wants to protect innocent lives and believes giving into bloodlust is evil. As a result the two are at odds with each other which makes this a fun read. The art is just perfect for this title, making a street full of vampires a truly unsettling sight while still making the characters expressive. As for the main characters? Andrew might seem a little tame compared to Mary but he still has a sense of humor and a sweet friendship with the aging professor. Mary is just a lot of fun. The only downside to this book was the character of Tig. While her behavior is understandable given her back story her introduction made me dislike her. It's a combo of her dialogue and the art that makes her look like she's just playing a role to look cool rather than being scarred by her ordeals.

Batmans' cameo provided the funniest parts of the trade. Not even a vampire will challenge him enough to take a bite out of the dark knight. His no kill rule and sense of justice even end up being a source of amusement for Mary. The rules for vampires are explored in some interesting ways. Looking forward to the next trade.


It took me a little longer to warm up to this one but David is a wonderful character. His world is a dangerous one that he's trying to change for the better. I adore redemption stories and this one is no exception. Judd Winick briefly brought up the idea of children soldiers in Red Hood Lost Days and through Davids' eyes the readers get a better idea what that was like as he struggles with his own guilt over the things he was forced to do. But even back then he had lines he wouldn't cross and that brings him into a conflict that changes his life forever.

If I have any complaint it's that the supporting cast isn't fleshed out too much.

Batman isn't overused in this arc, really he's only in this briefly to provide a means for Davids' life as Batwing. The idea is creating a legend and inspiring those around him in and out of the uniform. The legacy of heroes is teased at with the lost heroes of The Kingdom who are being picked off. Like I, Vampire this story isn't finished in the first trade and I want to read more.

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