Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #13

I'm kind of curious why some tie in titles for Death of the Family are labeled as such for just a page tying in and others aren't.

I didn't enjoy this issue as much as #0, or the previous issues of this arc. It kind of feels like this was rushed due to DOTF coming along. First the art. We Hoodies were spoiled by Rocoforts' art to the point it was near impossible to have any artist take his place. I think one of the problems is the thickness of the ink. I admit I've never paid too much attention to the details of the inkers. Sometimes people complain at something inkers do that I have no problem with. Here it seems to go from heavy inks to thinner depending on the page. There are still sections that look like their done by different artists. But other than Blond doing the colors Green is given credit for the art which leads me to believe he inks his own work.

His panel of Kori smiling is MUCH better than #12 where her eyes seemed to expand. But except for Roy pretty much all the hair he draws is a mess. Komand'r and Kori have long stringy hair that hovers and goes every which way. The one panel of Jason without his helemt still feels a little off especially with his hair looking like he used hairspray as he jumped out of a jet.

The writing was a little cheesy in that action movie kind of way. The bad part was Roys' voice over. I know Kori comes from a race that evolved from cats but mentioning it this much? ONCE a issue would have been enough. Some of these nods are just weird like Roy talking about the power of her kiss then adding the bit about baby kittens. The worst part--at least for me--was the phrasing Roy uses to say what a surprise it was to them that Kori is a badass.

I could understand Jason not knowing this side of her since he has seen more of her wisdom and kindness than violence and leadership. He's only seen her fight a monster, the undead, and Essence before they went to space. Any other fights were out of his sight in cases where he was more or less calling the shots. I didn't think Depalo would die and it was sad to see those bits of his past. Although Kori comes off a little bit like Sailor Moon talking about love it totally works for the awesome moment she kills the Blight Lord with a kiss. The sisters make up though Komand'r thinks how she hopes the gathering of 13 doesn't happen or she'll be forced to sacrifice her own family. Meaning that even if she loves her sister in this 'verse there's still a chance of them fighting in the future.

This is mostly Starfires' story with Roy doing a voice over. He obviously cares deeply for her although some of it--like thinking she's hotter when basically going super Sayian--is played for laughs. Their relationship is still undefined though Kori did note she cares deeply for Roy in #12 and she tells Kom that she might have found love. She and Roy both say that their happy that the three of them found a place to belong with each other. Roy believing that no matter what happens nothing can break them apart. Cue the DOTF tie in. Back on the island Kori lives on--on her crash ship--a figure starts searching for something. Finding one of Jasons' spare helmet Joker laughs.

Given the fact Jason travels a lot and we've only seen him at the island once (although RHATO #0 calls it their base) it's creepy as hell that Joker found it. That place wasn't just Koris' haven it was the place Jason finally connected with another being and opened up. It seems this has started up another frantic anti-RHATO rally because some fans of Jason are taking this to mean Jasons' either going to die or get scarred. Wow, a DOTF tie in that seems to freak people out more than the others without endangering anyone (yet) on panel.

Did You Notice?: Green isn't drawing the nose and mouth on the Red Hood
helmet. This will be very annoying during the DOTF tie in since Brett Booth DOES draw it that way. He recently pointed this out when Capullo posted his own pics of Red Hood sans nose/mouth.

At one point Roy called Kori "Komand'r." That's her sisters' name.

Actually comfirmation that their parents are dead but still not mention of Ryand'r.

Kori choses to use guns and hand to hand combat? I get why her sister has to but still.

Kori wears her new 52 uniform in flashback although she wears a different costume in her flashback with Dick in #6.

Koris' shown to be powerful enough to take out an area as big as a city.

Say What?: More fun with aliens getting human names wrong. This time Jason is called Red'hud.

The team plus Isabel apparently stayed on the planet for a Earth week (50 weeks for the Tamarnean Solar Cycle.) Jason and Isabel are shown being close as he finally feels comfortable enough to let his arm slip around her shoulders. (Public affection is a huge step for him.) This is cool and all but didn't Isabel have to go to work after her date with Jason? This means she's been missing for a week on Earth. That's going to be pretty awkward to explain when she gets home.

Questions Raised?: Just what is Joker going to do with the helmet? With all the spares Jason has there's a chance he might not even use the one he finds.

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