Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not again Morrison...

Wingmans' ID. There's only one reaction to this.

SPOILERS for Batman INC. and mild-spoilers for DOTF (nothing big.)

I never loved or hated Morrison's work. Some of it I liked (Marvel Boy for example.) There have been things I thought were lazy i.e. redoing Emma Frosts' character/powers to make her what he needed for his story. Not researching how Talia and Bruce had a child and still making her a rapist when he had the chance to correct his mistake. Then there's the crap he did with that awful Red Hood arc. But making the Wingman Jason? That goes against everything that's been shown in RHATO. Seriously if you read it you know Jason doesn't think Bruce loved him like a son and is trying to start a life outside of Gotham. The only connection he currently has to the family is Tim.

Whether you're a fan of the character or not having a major development like Bruce and Jason make up OFF PANEL isn't how it should have been done. What-the-hell?! Does everyone just let Morrison do whatever the hell he feels like despite the fact it make no sense?!  I thought the Bat books were supposed to be in touch with each other. Lobdell has stated that he had no plans to do any Jason/Bruce interactions prior to DOTF so no, it doesn't look like Morrison bothered to mention it. Snyder has said that there will be a talk between Jason and Bruce during DOTF though it doesn't sound like their have a chance to connect. This whole thing rubs me the wrong way. Not just because it goes against every other story of Jason since the relaunch but because it feels like a slight against the other writers. I mean even Tomasi had that vibe of "I don't want to be here and serious screw Bruce" when he wrote Jason.

For the record I can understand why Morrison ignored Countdown to Final Crisis but even that is mind boggling. Most writers would be forced to tie something like that in.


  1. While I honestly have no idea who this "Wingman" is, I sympathize with your outrage. Personally, I bought BATMAN and DETECTIVE comics for more than 2 decades -- most of my friends and family consider "Batman" to be my primary hobby after years of association -- before Morrison got his hands on them, and I couldn't take it anymore. One day, Grant Morrison will stop writing for DC. I look forward to that day.

  2. Basically a mysterious member of Batman Inc that replaced the original that died. Apparently there was a Silver Age story that a character of the same name showed up and made Robin jealous by working with Batman. I think Morrison is suppose to leave DC after his run on Batman Inc. I liked his Steph Batgirl story but he ends up pissing me off a lot lately. He does things that would tick off most readers --at least it would if it was any other writer