Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Early Bat-family solicits


Batgirl # 16: That's the most unsettling Babs I've ever seen so congrats on that. Counting the small tie-in from this month that's four DOTF tie ins for this series? Not to mention her guest starring in TT #15. Well if anybody should get attention in this it should be her and Jason.

Batman and Robin & Detective Comics # 16: These two didn't wow me like most of these covers. The faces aren't as disturbing and the mood just doesn't seem to be there.

Batman # 16: Not nearly as creepy as the image Tim Drake had of the Joker wearing the Robin suit but still a decent cover. I think that's parts of Damians' and Bruces suits. (The small tunic, black/yellow cape and mask look more like Damians' than Jasons'.)

Nightwing # 16: It's not that it's a bad cover but the rollercoaster in the backround is eye-catching thus distracting. I see it at a glance and my mind thinks it's a tail, which makes me think of Nightcrawler.

Red Hood and the Outlaws # 16: That's a creepy cover. It also reminds me of a character. Maybe the TMNTs? Seeing Kori and Roys' reflections on the hood makes it a touch sad.

Teen Titans # 16: While it'd be interesting to explore the implications of Tim as a Joker like the animated movie I do hope the covers aren't hints of things to happen inside. I'd get frustrated really fast if all the bats become Jokerized. But one month it's the teeth, then it's the cards so maybe it's just for the covers?

Batman #17: That's a good cover though I have a feeling most of us would go for the family beating the crap out of him on the cover once this is over.

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