Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween reading lists

These are some trades I usually read around this time of year.

X-Men Inferno: Basically the start of Cyclops collapse into the bad husband period. His first wife gets controlled by demons and um, all hell breaks out. It links all the X-related characters at the time as they try to save the day. It shows how people are used, unfaithful, and how the characters own good intentions damn themselves. Plus a few bits that we'll all find ironic like Jean Grey freaking out over how powerful Iceman is.

Fantastic Four Unthinkable: While this story has pretty much been ignored since Dr. Doom shreds his honor to get revenge on his enemies it's a disturbing tale. It finally has Doom use the skill he excels at that Reed Richards can't hope to match: magic. What he's willing to do to achieve his goal is chilling, something that will make the face Joker wears in Death of the Family seem kind of tame. But it hits hard because Doom hurts the family the most through their children.

Spider-Man Revelations: I'm sure Marvel likes to pretend most of this never happened since a bulk of it had to do with Peter and Mary Jane Parkers' marriage and the child they were expecting. On Halloween night it all goes down as the Green Goblin comes back for revenge. Not only does he take away baby May (with her parents never knowing she lived) Ben Reilly faces his final fate as he defends his "brother." I know a lot of people hate the clone saga but this trade had a lot of the things I loved about it. The family Peter and Mary Jane were creating, which sadly Marvel broke apart. It also had extra scenes showing Ben fighting and the funeral the Parkers hold for their loved ones. Still if you're a fan of this period the great (but cancelled) Spider-Girl series shows baby May grown up and honoring her father and uncle Ben.

Anything else I'm missing?


  1. Oh Inferno. It went on forever, and it was Scott at his douchiest. I've always felt just a wee bit sorry for poor Maddy.

  2. I got it in trade so it wasn't that bad for me. Yeah, the writers had to make her look evil to make people forget what an ass Scott was. Though Chris Clamount obviously tried to show how horrible it was for her.

    Really her whole turn to evil was an innocent mistake because she thought she was in a dream with a demon offering her power. An escape from the bad things in her life. Then she learned she was just filling in a role for Scott and her creator. Maddy and Jean should form a club.