Friday, January 11, 2013

Bruce getting slapped

Because who doesn't like seeing that?

Stephanie Brown does it in Batgirl Road Home.

Why: The mini series was about Bruce testing certain members of his family to see if their worthy and all that. He knows he was a jerk to Stephanie and although he's willing to see how she does he still has doubts. Stephanie basically has enough of his B.S. and snaps. Good times.

Jason Todd does his slap during The Cult.

Why: Bruce was kidnapped and brainwashed when Jason tracks him down. Since he's seriously messed up physically, emotionally and especially mentally Bruce freaks out. A LOT. During one of these moments when he's screaming his head off Jason slaps him to get him to come back to his senses. Jason was awesome in this and Bruce was, umm, well broken. Still nice to see the even Robins slap him for whatever reason. Love Bruce but he can be an ass with his kids.


  1. Considering how often Bats goes around slapping people (I completely love his Snapper-slapping) it is only fair play to see him on the receiving end for a change.

    He doesn't get head blows as often as Hal (nobody does!) but that makes it all the more satisfying!

  2. True, I always think of that infamous panel of golden age Batman slapping Dick when he was Robin.

    The slap is more satisfying for someone as unstoppable as Batman. There were other slap panels with Talia but those weren't as funny. I just like how Stephanie and Jason both have a "oh crap" moment after they do it.