Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sword of Sorcery #4

Where RHATO made me leery of the new changes this book filled me with joy. This was A LOT of fun.


I haven't bought Justice League Dark since the first arc so I missed the Amethyst appearances. I'll likely be getting those issues now. I loved the interplay between Constantine and Amaya. She calls him on his B.S. and while he can be a jerk he's not a huge one around her. At least not here. As much as he protests acting in a father role (which would work really well as she's never had a father figure) he's at least a cool uncle. Not only does he let her go to Chicago but he gives her money and a phone in case she gets in trouble. Which goes to show he knows what he's talking about. Amaya does pretty well on her own but she does need him to do clean up work with a portal she doesn't know how to close.

There's really not much going on in terms of plot other than hanging out with Constantine, Amaya going for pizza and dealing with a CEO that thinks she knows how to control magic. Amaya proves she's a fast learner and manages to not only outsmart the CEO but use her powers well enough to defeat demons. This acts as a nice breather for the Gemworld intrigue as Amaya thinks how much she missed Earth as well as setting up her desire to keep a link between her new life and the world she grew up on. I really enjoyed the bond between Constantine and her. That he knew she'd want to keep that door open and pointed out that taking the crystal would close it for good. Plus he uses the fact she owes him money to tell her to answer his calls when he needs her. Amaya doesn't seem to mind much though. As she leaves we learn from Constantine that Gemworld dumped their evil on Earth and now it seems Amaya has to pay the price for that.

The new back up is about Stalker, a man that sells his soul to the devil to save his wife only for her to die in childbirth. It wasn't a new take, so far, but I didn't mind reading it. Not much to add except to say I expect his family bloodline to come back into play.

Say What?: Constantine claims he doesn't stalk teenage girls and he was actually following her mother. He's either fudging the truth or someone else was trailing Amaya at the school.

The CEO doesn't want to take the necklace by force since she knows certain magic items will react badly unless their given. Anyone else thinking of the ruby slippers?

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