Thursday, January 31, 2013

Poor Rip

Can you imagine how it must be to spend time with Booster and think "no dad, don't do that"! Just the sheer embarrassment he'd suffer seeing the products he endorsed and seeing him hit on women. For the most part he kept his cool except for that infamous time when Booster got drunk. I mean look how shocked Rip is over this.

It's one of the many details that has more meaning once you know who they are to each other. He likely never saw his dad drunk and to think he's doing it on the job just blows his mind. His embarrassment over crashing into Flash makes it even worse. It's one of those times he has to be thankful no one knows their related but he does so that has to make him wonder if he was ever like that. There are so many little moments that tell how Booster shaped Rip into the man he becomes that I love.


  1. Heh. Nobody can embarrass you like your parents. I do it to my kids all the time!

    Although, to be fair, Booster got drunk in the line of duty, when he was matching drinks with Jonah Hex. Best Cover Ever!

  2. True but considering all the stunts Booster pulls I can see why that might be hard to believe.