Friday, January 18, 2013

Birds of Prey #16 preview

I'm thinking about picking up this title when the new writer takes over but I'm a little confused. Now I knew the Talon Mary was going to join the team based on solicits. I didn't read the Batgirl annual but even so I'm not sure I get Babs reasoning here. Maybe this was explained better elsewhere?

SPOILERS in regards to the preview.

My confusion stems from Barbara being fine with Talon Mary joining the team. See Barbara has always been against anti-heroes even when she joined the DCnU Birds of Prey, the only member she didn't have a problem against was Dinah. Despite Dinah assuring her things are fine Babs still has her misgivings. She's either been suspious of Jason or ignored him entirely in DOTF. Jason being someone she knew before he died and someone that also suffered at the hands of the same madman. If she has problems with working with BOP members and at the very least gives a cold shoulder to someone she should understand why is she so accepting of Mary? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Mary unstable? I find it hard to believe she's suddenly out of the Courts' control and their fine with letting her out of their sight. Much less keeping the owl theme so everyone knows who she's connected to. Barbara thinks that Mary is ideal for watching her back? Hasn't she had two prior encounters with her before that she more or less fought against her? I'm not seeing why she's willing to take the risk.

Even if this was Xiao from RHATO I'd think that Jason would at least be more mindful. Yeah those two understood each other on a level no one else did and I could believe that connection but it's just common sense to be on guard. Talons are trained to be loyal to the Court and I'm already having trouble seeing one of them being trusted.

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