Sunday, January 13, 2013

Favorite Rip Hunter bit

Before you ask, yes I'm very happy to hear Rips' going to make an appearance (although it likely won't be part of the DCnU canon since it's Vertigo.) Skimming through something I remembered my favorite Rip Hunter section of all time. While I adore all the father/son pages with Booster I fell in love with the opening pages of Rip in the Day of Death arc of Booster Gold. First of all the art and coloring is amazing really setting the mood for the tense moments he's alone with an enemy nearby.
See these pages tell a lot about his character and I don't mean his connection to the Carter family. See this is pretty much the essence of Rip Hunter throughout his entire history. He's a scientist yes, but he's the guy that does the hands on approach that usually has him facing incredible danger. This is the man that in different canon has several time travelers placing their faith in him and willing to die for his cause. He's the best at this game, the one time traveler that truly knows what he's doing. A true chessmaster. Rips' someone that's always outsmarts his enemies but this presents the first time he's ever come up against anyone that's really his equal. Black Beetle is just as crafty and as unknown as he is. There's really a sense that they were supposed to be each others' archenemy as their the ones that often run into each other. Oh for what could have been.

I don't think Jurgens ever revealed who Black Beetle was even in interviews which is disappointing.


  1. Nope, Black Beetle's ID is still a secret. We will find out one day what Jurgens had in mind, though, I'm sure of it.

  2. Always so nice to see Rip.

    I actually don't mind not knowing who Black Beetle's nice to have a little bit of mystery for a change.

  3. Boosterrific: I haven't been following interviews as much as I did during JLI or BG so I wasn't sure. Good to know though.

    Sally: It really is, I'm very excited about his return.

    Maybe but the fact he was a liar that kept on changing his story and we never got the real reason he was doing what he did...he needed to be fleshed out more.