Wednesday, January 2, 2013

DC you need to stop

While this wasn't confirmed by DC (yet) it was mention in a Bleeding Cool article and I came upon a fan that meet Lobdell in person recently.

The rumor was that Scott Lobdell is leaving RHATO to be replaced by James Tynion IV, current writer of Talon and that infamous back up in Batman #0. According to the fan it's true AND Jasons' love interest Isabel might die. What is it with DC lately? Gail Simone made a comment that hinted at her being fired for similar reasons. I like Isabel and Jason has too much angst as it is! I know that Lobdell wasn't going to kill her off for DOTF prior to this because he was excited about using the character in future stories! This really pisses me off! This book is the major reason I'm reading DC right now (since you know they canned JLI for no good reason.) I have dropped all the titles I get from a company before, I did it with Marvel and my brief interest in Dark Horse.

I don't want this to be another street level book. I like that it stands out and is about friends who support each other! I don't want Jasons' character development to backtrack into the unending loop of bat family issues. I want to see the subplots Lobdell is writing like Roy tapping into Jasons' phone. I want to see Simon become a member. I want Kori and Roy to stay a couple and yeah, I'd like the same for Isabel and Jason. They just got together!


  1. Why is killing off characters considered to be shocking anymore?

  2. Especially love interests. There's no need to kill off the supporting cast to up the stakes. In this case the stakes were already upped big time, not to mention Jason and Barbara already have the most history with Joker.