Friday, July 11, 2014

DC Collectibles Shows Some New Goodies

Here are some new figures coming out including ones from the Arrow and Flash tv shows.

The much requested Harley Quinn. I'm glad they chose this style. I didn't like that they made Poison Ivy in the later style. Apparently Killer Croc, Creeper (who didn't really play a big role) and Robin are in this wave. I assume this is the Jason Todd/Tim Drake hybrid since Dick Grayson has his figure being released a wave before this.
Another wave for Capullo which is always a plus. I wonder if he'll do the whole Bat family. Barbara looks better than Catwoman but I think something about the female faces are off. Much like the promo pictures of Catwoman there doesn't seem to be any advanced articulation like the male action figures. Notice the lack of cuts in the ankles and wrists. That could still change, either way this is a pass for me. It would be just because of the character choice but the rest also helps me save money too.

I think the color selection seems odd since I'm used to Gordon having muter hues. Plus it's usually a trench coat. I like it just not sure if he's work outside the Capullo line.

This is probably the best Two Face I've seen. Capullos' versions of Batmans' rogues have translated well into action figure form.

Everyone saw this coming once Year Zero Red Hood was announced. This seems to have the same sort of articulation as wave one Batman/Nightwing/Talon. The suited figures don't seem to be too movable, which I get, but why not the female figures?
This makes me wonder if we'll be getting some Batman Eternal figures. Well I might get a couple of these, I just hope DCC keeps up the good work.


  1. Thank goodness they didn't put Harley in that terrible new costume. Her old one was perfect...why mess with it?

    And that IS a very nice Harvey.

  2. They already did the new Harley in the DCnU line. Since that costume never existed in the cartoon there's no reason for her to have it. I just meant Dinis' later art style changed after a few seasons. It made most of the women have bobble heads. (Love his work but that doesn't look good on the figures IMHO.)

    It really is, most tend to overdo the bad side. This is more simple but works so well.