Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nevermind the Damian Stuff

I want to know if Bruce is going to grovel to the family. If he does that then I might buy the arc Tomasi is writing.

SPOILERS AHEAD for Batman and Robin

Okay so I saw this was the end of B & R #33:

Where he's with all that's left of the Bat family that are going to help him bring back Damian. Let me get this straight--we never get a scene of him saying he's sorry after all the crap he's put them through? I mean who knows how this all fits in canon since they have teamed up with him after his jerkass behavior in the grieving arc. Tims' kept his tension with Bruce for a long time since he's mainly mad at DOTF and Dicks' death. Barbara seemed mostly okay with him afterward. Oddly enough Jason seems to be ignoring the elephant in the room although he did snap at Bruce a few times in the Batman/Superman Annual. Alfred mostly feels guilty for his part in Damians' death.
Still none of Bruce's behavior under Tomasi has really transferred into other titles. That behavior has been mentioned under Tomasi though. I know that because I found this--

Now I don't doubt their all more mature than Bruce and are there for the bigger picture. It's not about him but rather Damian. But regardless if his youngest returns or not (it looks like he is) from a story stand point we need to see Bruce has learned his lesson. Oh I know it's one he'll never retain as he keeps making the same mistake over again--although this is the worst I've ever seen it. If he doesn't apologize then it not only makes him unworthy of getting the second chance with Damian it means Bruce doesn't deserve to receive the help he's getting. He's been astoundingly selfish, cruel and in one case just as bad as the Joker.
I'm not just talking about the standard "gee I guess I was wrong" sorry either. I'd like to see some actual effort especially since all of the people in the first picture where there for Bruce whenever he needed them despite what an ass he's been to them. I know it's easier to write him being a jerk than a nice guy but it needs to be done here. More than that Bruce KNOWS he crossed the line.

In short have Bruce make a real effort with them and prove he's the hero we all deserve.

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