Sunday, July 20, 2014

New Warriors VOL.1

I started reading New Warriors and got curious enough to see where they started off. This is the trade that has the team being formed by Night Thrasher, Namorita, Nova, Marvel Boy, Speedball and Firestar. New Warriors 1-6 vol. 1 along with Thor 411-412.

Thoughts along with SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Good:
  • Overall it's an entertaining read which was a concern I had. Whether it would hold up, etc. 
  • What little's shown of the leads personal lives helps flesh them out and was actually one of my favorite parts. Speedballs' parents drive him crazy, Namorita seems to have a fairly stable college life and Marvel Boy has trouble dealing with his abusive father. I want to see more of this and see where these stories go even if I know a couple of them.
  • While I would have liked to seen the roles be more meaningful I do enjoy the cameos.
  • Since the current NW series has some Inhuman trouble it was nice to see how Vance actually meets them. There's quite a bit that can be viewed differently thanks to events that happen later. The Namorita/Ritchie bickering which eventually leads to a romance. How carefree Robbie used to be (and the line about mothers fearing him which is awful thanks to the Civil War incident.)
  • The characters are a lot of fun. Although I saw Vance as a little stiff before I got into NW I think he may be my favorite. He's such a superhero geek that the team ask him for information. It's kind of amazing to think how far he'll come.
  • I liked the bits with Midnights' Fire and Silhouette. The shoot out was an accident with Dwayne thinking MF was going to kill a cop and stopping him. This led to Sil getting shot in the crossfire. I suppose I like the idea that even heroes can make mistakes. Plus I can already tell Sil is awesome even if her scenes are brief.
  • The Mad Thinker and Primus had some great moments with Primus doing various amusing things that made me smile.
The Bad:
  • I don't find the villains that interesting. Yes I know one of them is/was the herald of the big G. They just don't feel very engaging, even Star Thief was someone that felt quickly put together. He has a sympathetic backstory he just flips on a dime and has development off panel. Genetech does have potential though. Still Novas' reaction to Pretty Persuasions' threat of using her powers on them was one of the funnies moments in the trade.
  • Namorita talking about Asian culture being big on honor was a wince worthy moment.
  • Night Thrasher seems to talk about his parents more often than Batman often going into rage induced violence. Speedball jokes made this tolerable for awhile but when Nova comments that it's getting old I had to wholeheartedly agree. This is the team leader and while I get his trauma I hope it's not so blatant in future issues. He threatened a old guy that was a hemophilic. While his stress was understandable that was going too far.
  • Some of the fashion like Ritchies' work out clothes don't age well.
Not Sure how to Feel:
  • Night Thrasher has two guardians that help him. We're not given much information on them, why their his guardians or why their okay with all this. Tai seems the oddest fit and I think I recall hearing something weird is up with her. I'm not sure how to feel but I need some kind of explanation.
I may gets some of the other trades but if nothing else I like seeing how they started out. Not a bad read although it's nothing too earth breaking. This is about kids with powers (or in NTs' case skills) that band together to make a difference. Their not perfect, make mistakes but are trying to do the right thing. Not a bad start although I do prefer the Yost series due to his writing.

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