Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just what everyone wanted: More Bat Books!

Neither of these really appeal to me although I'm curious what the story with Arkham Manor is. Can you imagine him explaining this one?

Bruce Wayne: Arkham Asylum never worked. I'm doing the smart thing by moving the worst of the worst inside my childhood home. It's the perfect plan.

Jason Todd: By putting them where you live literally on top of the bat cave?

Tim Drake: What about our rooms?

Alfred Pennyworth: What about the family heirlooms? Forgive me but it doesn't sound like you--

Bruce Wayne: I'll be able to watch them all and we'll move into the cave. I put the Penguin in Tims' room. Tony Zucco in Dicks' and the Joker in Jasons'.

Jason Todd: You sick son of a bitch!

We'll see how they spin that one. Anyway, remember how I said I don't care for Deathstroke? Guess who's getting another try at a solo?


  1. You know...for someone who is supposed to be so smart...Bats sure does some stupid things. this a real thing?

    Oh...NOT Deathstroke again!

  2. He does A LOT of stupid things. Yep, and it's supposed to be in canon so that raises some questions.

    I know, I'm tired of him being everywhere. It gets me that DC promote him so much when there are other more deserving characters.