Monday, July 7, 2014

Batgirl #33 Preview

I was curious how the meeting of Dinah, Babs and Helena Wayne would be handled enough to click on this. ...It continues to makes me dislike new 52 Barbara Gordon.

Thoughts underneath hence SPOILERS AHEAD

Okay Simone has been saying that Barbara is sooo smart both in the text and in interviews. In fact she claims the character is smarter than everyone else in Gotham. From what I've seen Babs acts first in a lot of cases usually by letting her emotions lead instead of her brain. Recently I've seen examples of this in scans of Batman Eternal where (highlight for spoilers) she gets so out of control that Batman sends Jason Todd, the supposed reckless Robin, to make sure she doesn't do something wrong. Guess what? She attacks him on sight then wonders why Batman doesn't trust her. (End B.E. SPOILERS.)

Tynion had her slap Jason at Dicks' funeral in his unpublished issue of Nightwing #30 and she's even attacked Dick for being worried about her. My point is this isn't just one writer making Babs like this. She acts superior than anti-heroes and we're told she's so freaking smart yet she keeps doing this crap. This is the behavior people claim Jason has and Damian could have at times. Barbara isn't thinking or rather she doesn't care because she acknowledges (to herself) that she could be wrong as she's brutally attacking Huntress. Instead of trying to handle this reasonable she lets herself go to this extreme, she is the current hotheaded bat kid.
Now Helena Wayne doesn't behave like her WF self which is a mixed blessing. That Helena seemed to think no one but a Wayne was worthy enough for the Robin/partner/bat role. She likely would have fought back. Here Helena doesn't seem to know what a batarang is? It reads more like the other Helena who we know is turning up in Grayson. I don't care for the new 52 Helena Wayne as she's portrayed in Worlds' Finest but she did nothing wrong here.
She is simply introducing herself and is attacked because her costume is similar to Knightfall's? Helena doesn't even fight back yet Barbara STILL keeps hitting her. Dinah can see this even pointing out it out, something Barbara should have noticed for being a genius and thinking there's a chance she was wrong. Now if this is explored not just in this series but in other titles (like Batman Eternal) then great. Yes she admits to herself that she acted rash and says she's sorry but something has to change. Would Babs say she's sorry to others or is she only doing so now because this is a stranger and Dinah called her out on her mistake? Would she own up to her mistakes to others if/when they point it out? I know she's been out of the game for awhile but this is a rookie mistake.
I have my doubts given Batmans' own problems with learning usually reverting to his bat jerk self. This character trait of Barbaras' has been going on for awhile and in some cases she shows no remorse because she believes' that she's the morally superior one. As Oracle could she act like a jerk? Sure, but I don't recall her repeatedly flying off the handle like this.

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