Monday, July 14, 2014

I was glancing at the Spider Solicits and I saw this

At first I was thinking "that's Ben Reillys' costume, no it'll be the Dr. Ock one--wait it IS Bens' suit!" I get a closer look and realize it's Spider-Girl Mayday Parker! One the one hand yea she's appearing on the other it's under a writer I don't care for during an event that will kill off spider characters. More thoughts below on what this could mean.

Variant Cover by RYAN OTTLEY
• Step over the EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE!
• MC2 Spider-Girl finds herself and her family under attack from the mysterious forces behind Spider-Verse!
• Ms. Marvel gets Spider-Man out of a jam.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

This might just be a short appearance since the Spider-Man/Ms. Marvel team up is also taking place in this issue. There have been rumors that May will die although it's not clear if this is legit or a belief based on the anti-marriage/Peter and Mary Jane vibe Marvel has since OMD. Here's a list of MC2 spider characters this could be affected and why it wouldn't be a good idea to kill them off.

  • May "Mayday" Parker. She's the star and has a big enough following to repeatedly get her series (the longest running Marvel female series) un-cancelled. Not only would this be ticking off a big fanbase and those still sore about the ending of the marriage it kills off the possibility of returning to the MC2 verse and getting profit out of it again. Spider-Man 2099 has returned so it's possible to relaunch another series out of this event.
  • Gerry Drew a.k.a. Spider-Man the son of Jessica Drew. He hasn't appeared since he went for medical treatment and we were pretty much promised he would return on panel. Gerry shows that the spider legacy extends further than May and her family. He's a good character that deserves more time to be explored.
  • Jessica Drew the first Spider-Woman. She canonically lost her powers in the MC2 world so she might not be a blimp on the radar for the spider hunters unless her abilities are merely suppressed. Of course that doesn't mean she couldn't die protecting her son. Jessica still could provide future stories for not just her kid but act as a role model for May.
  • Julia Carpenter the second Spider-Woman (retired) unclear if she still has her powers but she's only shown up to help Gerry get help. It would be random and pointless to kill her, like Jessica there's some storyline ideas in having May learn from past Spider-Women.
  • Felicity Hardy who briefly became the Scarlet Spider, the daughter of Felica Hardy and Flash Thompson. Honestly she doesn't seem likely to be in as much danger as the others because she has no powers. Still Felicity usually gets in trouble for being in over her head and if she gets the impulse to play hero again they might just notice the costume. I got the impression she was heading in a certain direction so death would be a waste. Still it might just be the Parker family that's in trouble given the solicit so let's see who else besides May that entails.
  • Benjy Parker, Mays' baby brother. He's gained his powers after a bad run in with Carnage. I'm not sure if that would make him considered dangerous enough by the hunters. While Marvel has killed children off in Spider-Man (Billy Connors) I don't know if they'd be cruel enough to have a baby murdered. Hell they hesitated at revealing what happened to baby May after the Clone Saga because no one wanted to kill off a infant child of Spider-Mans'. 
  • Peter Parker. He's retired and using a prosthetic leg although he still goes into battle when his family needs him. While I could see Marvel doing this at some point it seems rather pointless as it would drop the potential with the longest running plotline the Spider-Girl series has. Which I'll get to last.
  • Mary Jane Parker. I know she doesn't have powers but I'm putting her here since I could see this happening and I don't think it's a direction any fan of the Spider-Girl series would like.
  • Kaine. Another one I could see Marvel doing that would waste a brewing plotline. While Kaine isn't the big storyline I mentioned above he does tie into it. May has no idea that Ben Reilly or Kaine are clones of her dads'. That reveal needs to happen and have time to be properly looked over. Especially since it links so closely to the plot that's repeatedly been teased at since #2.
  • Reilly Tyne/Darkdevil. This is the big storyline that's been dragged out throughout two volumes of Spider-Girl. No one in the Parker family besides Kaine knows he's Ben Reillys' son. In fact they don't even know his ID and only May met him (not knowing the truth.) He's been looking after May since #2 giving her tough love to ensure she can grow as a hero. Peter hates his hero ID never realizing that the guy he's insulting is his nephew. Reilly can't come out to tell May or the Parkers the truth for various reasons although this has been repeatedly teased with. Spiderverse could make this happen since those with Spider powers are being hunted. Since the Parkers don't know his connect this would bring attention to him especially if he encounters his dad. Don't blow this long awaited storyline because it'll tick people off just as much as killing off the star.

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