Sunday, February 8, 2015

Believability of the Robins Origins

I saw the new origins of the Robins being debated about and one thing stuck out at me. Not the new origins (which I can accept even if I don't like some details) but the arguing of the old origins. We'll be ignoring the circus kid and assassin child back stories for this one.

If you can believe that a 13 year old Tim Drake can figure out Batman's ID then what's so unbelievable about a 12 year old Jason Todd stealing the wheels off the Batmobile? Hell Winick even gave a reason for Jason being able to do this which is more than I ever saw given for Tim. I have no problem excepting either even with Batman being considered "flawless" in these matters. Since I read the post-crisis origin I can also tell you another reason Jason was able to do this--Batman was visiting crime alley on the anniversary of his parents. Not only was he distracted but it's stated in the issue that no one dared to do any crime on that night because they knew Batman would be there. That's why what Jason did was so gutsy and the fact that he did it actually made Bruce laugh in crime alley on the night his parents were killed.


  1. Stealing the tires off the Batmobile takes a certain amount of moxie. We need more moxie!

  2. Yeah that's the reason I love that origin. It's crucial to his character that Jason is fearless.