Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Big Reveal

Catwoman #39 to be exact. Does anyone think this is really a surprise? Well I've seen some comments that suggest some are but it doesn't shock me. I'll be giving my thoughts on this and some other characters I've seen mentioned.


Honestly if anyone in the bat family were going to be bisexual Selina makes the most sense. I have no problem with this. I've seen some moaning over it and incredibly some suggestions that other characters could be instead. The three most requested being first 3 Robins. These are the reasons:

Dick Grayson: If you heard how the comic code came about you know why he comes to mind for a lot of people. The accusations of a less than innocent relationship with Batman that at one point lead to Alfreds' death and Aunt Harriet's creation. The reason being that having a butler was a fantasy lifestyle and they needed a woman in the house. Writer Devin Grayson related to the character (hence legally changing her last name) and saw him as a fellow bisexual. She even managed to slip in a bit with Hugo Strange determining Dick had a unrequited attraction towards the Dark Knight. Devin has said she sees Dick going for a man much like Bruce. This train of thought has been ignored in canon except for an odd comment by Barbara Gordon in the Grayson Futures End issue where she says he needs a woman to be just like Bruce.

Tim Drake: I think this is mainly because DC had him hardly mourn his girlfriends' death while he had a near mental breakdown over Conners'. Hardly mentioning Stephanie but trying to re-clone Conner and changing his costume to his colors. The fact Tim was a virgin (at least in the last 'verse) and the fact he didn't take advantage of a drunk Rose were other factors some took as proof.  I never did especially since the first is a personal choice in general and the second is being a decent person. I'm not sure which one of these is the more popular choice with fans but this one I've seen more comments on.

Jason Todd: I think this started because Post-Crisis to Pre-New 52 he had maybe one semi-romantic interest, Talia. I've also seen a lot take his taunt of a man he hated (and in fact had poisoned) being taken as proof. Having heard Winick said something on the subject this is all I found when they were talking about the Talia thing:

SL: Is he (Jason) a little bisexual? 

JW: That was the first time we’ve ever saw him mess around with anybody. Truth is, I haven’t really thought about it. I think about Jason in a lot of other ways. You might put him in bed, I don’t do that. That was the only time I thought about him having sex because she wanted to. 

SL: Oh, I put him in bed! No, really —-

JW: I’m totally dodging the question. This is me ducking the question. There’s things we can talk about and there’s things we can’t talk about, there’s things that DC Comics doesn’t like me talking about and they don’t like us talking about things like that, so I don’t want to answer that, thank you. 

Many have seen this as confirmation but I don't. I think many have read this one way without really reading the wording. Grayson opening talked about her views so why couldn't Winick talk about it then? Winick specially says he didn't think of Jason that way but other ways. Given what Winicks' saying here and had Jason saying to Mia I think Winick wanted to say Jason was a former child "street walker." He told Mia he knew there were bad things that had to be done to survive. Which doesn't make him bi so much as desperate to live if true. (I can't recall who wrote it but someone hinted at Roy doing the same thing for drugs.) Mostly Jason doesn't give the vibe that he even likes men as he's only close to a few. Tony Daniels made it sound like Jason was assaulted, so again that's not a preference.

As for Selina she seems to go with the flow with no real hang ups. Thinking from a writers' perspective it's a little hard to write characters already established by many as the "one" with someone else. Fans usually don't accept new relationships so maybe this opens up the possibilities? Perhaps it makes her a little more adventurous? I dunno if that's the reasoning for it or if it just feels natural. In the end it's how the character is written and how that relationship is handled. I think Selina is more than capable on delivering if that's the direction the writers want to go. Will it lead to bad stories? Maybe but no more so than dating men, it just depends on the writer.


  1. Well, I haven't been reading Catwoman, so this is news to me. And frankly, its not all that shocking.

  2. I saw the scans before the confirmation came out and I didn't even raise an eyebrow in surprise. Like you said it's not that shocking.