Monday, February 2, 2015

News I heard recenty

For some reason Barbara Gordon is going to be on the live action Teen Titans show. I was thinking of trying it out but the love triangle and her unneeded presence makes this a pass for me.

Then the interview for the Convergance Batman and Robin arc.


This already looked like a pass since it's the same Red Hood Winick wrote in his last arc which tries to connect to Morrisons' pre-Wingman Jason Todd. So Jason and Damian fight for some reason even though Jason never took Damian seriously or wanted to harm him (outside the nonsensical BFTC)? If this has something stupid like Damian winning or a draw it's more pandering. I liked Damian when he was out of his depths and treated like a kid. Not the kid in the new 52 that is somehow more skilled than people with years more practice and strength like Helena Wayne. Plus the writer bias against Jason is getting noticeable again.


  1. On the one hand, I am excited about Convergence because it is a chance to actually see some much beloved the other hand, I'm not sure DC can be trusted not to screw this up.

  2. I'm not sure it can end on a good note since they want to get back to the new 52. It means either killing off the old versions or absorbing some of those worlds/characters into it. Although I'll be very surprised if Roy is suddenly a dad in new 52 for example.