Friday, February 6, 2015

C-C-Changes to DC

As expected DC will undergo big changes after the big two month event. So my thoughts on the 24 new or revamped titles ahead.


  • Bat-Mite by writer Dan Jurgens and artist Corin Howell: While it's always nice to see Dan Jurgens do something different and I like the art I have a confession to make. I don't like Bat-Mite. At all. It's a combo of the ridiculousness and the fact he honestly creeps me out. I can get past the first but not the second. Still this was a pretty big surprise I didn't expect to see, so I guess DC really are trying new things. Verdict: No interest.
  • Batman Beyond by writer Dan Jurgens and artist Bernard Chang: Doesn't Batman Beyond have a title already? I haven't been following it since it seemed to ignore the tv shows' canon so maybe this is a relaunch I wasn't aware of. Maybe it's based on the Terry from Futures End and not the tv show. For now I'm putting a pin in this until we get more information. Verdict:Need more information.
  • Black Canary by writer Brenden Fletcher and artist Annie Wu: I remember the writer but I can't place where at the moment. The art looks amazing. It's about time that one of DC's most popular female characters gets her own title again. I've never been a big Black Canary fan but I might give this a try depending on how many books I'm getting in June. Verdict: Maybe, depending on budget.
  • Bizarro by writer Heath Corson and artist Gustavo Duarte: I was never a fan of the character. I don't hate him I just see him written differently and never had a solid feel for what he's about. I'm not sure what a series could be about but it does shock me to see another villain/anti-villain book. Verdict: No Interest
  • Constantine: The Hellblazer by Ming Doyle and Riley Rossmo: I'm guessing this will be more of a mesh of the title and the Veritgo series. I like the character just not this much. Verdict: No Interest
  • Cyborg by writer David L. Walker and artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado: Vic has been one of the characters I've seen people wanting a series since the new 52 started. It's nice to see it finally being done after all this time. I'm not familiar with the writer and haven't been following Vic's story. Verdict: No Interest
  • Dark Universe by writer James Tynion IV and artist Ming Doyle: Not sure what characters will be in this but I'm not a fan of Tynions' writing. I heard he does better on dark stuff so maybe it'll be better than the bat related stories. Verdict: No Interest
  • Dr. Fate by writer Paul Levitz and artist Sonny Liew: I liked the Earth 2 Dr. fate. I didn't like the last series I read from Levitz. Verdict: No Interest
  • Doomed by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Javier Fernandez: I have no idea what this is about. I assume it's something from the Superman Doomed arc but I didn't read that. I'm not sure if this even has any characters I know in it. Verdict: No Interest
  • Earth 2: Society by writer Daniel H. Wilson and artist Jorge Jimenez: At the moment I'm tired of Earth 2. Verdict: Maybe
  • Green Lantern: Lost Army by Cullen Bunn, art by Jesus Saiz and Javi Pina: Are all over the non-Hal Jordan GLs going here? Verdict: Need more information
  • Harley Quinn/Power Girl by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, with artist Stephane Roux: I didn't like their PG book (too much repetitive humor) or care about Harley Quinn that much. Verdict: No Interest
  • Justice League 3001 by Keith Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Howard Porter: It amuses me that this was changed to a year later. Otherwise I have no plans to get it. Verdict: No Interest
  • Justice League of America by writer/artist Bryan Hitch: I'm not really sure why this is being relaunched. Because #1 issues sell? Just like before I don't care enough about the line up enough to get this. Verdict: No Interest
  • Martian Manhunter by writer Rob Williams and artists Ben Oliver and Paulo Siqueira: It's nice that J'onn has a series again. I have no idea what this versions' history is which makes it hard to care since I don't know if he's even close to any of the heroes. Verdict: No Interest
  • Midnighter by writer Steve Orlando and artist ACO: Glad DC is giving the character a solo he's just not one of my favorites. Verdict: No Interest
  • Mystic U (tentative title) by writer Alisa Kwitney and artist Mauricet: I have no clue what this title is about or who is in it. Verdict: Need more information
  • Omega Men by writer Tom King and artist Barnaby Bagenda: Ryand'r, brother of Blackfire and Starfire, doesn't appear to be in this. He hasn't been introduced yet as the sisters back stories don't even mention him. If he's in this I may try it out. Verdict: Maybe
  • Prez by writer Mark Russell and artist Ben Caldwell: When I saw the cover I wasn't sure if this was supposed to be about Stargirls' stepdad or not. I don't know what's going on in this title. Verdict: Need more information
  • Red Hood/Arsenal by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Denis Medri: I'm sad to see the trio broken up. I loved them together and am crushed that Kori is leaving. At least Roy is sticking around but I'm upset that their breaking him and Kori up. I adored them as a couple and she was a good friend to Jason. It also annoys me that we won't get RHATO #50 now that this is basically being relaunched without Kori. Verdict: I'm getting.
  • Robin, Son of Batman by writer/artist Pat Gleason: Everyone has been saying that the series should be titled after Damian so no it is. Curiously Gleason is not just the artist but also the writer. I'm not sure how that will go. I might give this a chance if Damian isn't the perfect little brat that gets away with everything. Verdict: Maybe
  • Section Eight by writer Garth Ennis and artist John McCrea: I know the writer but this is another one that's a mystery. Verdict: Needs more information 
  • Starfire by writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, with artist Emanuela Lupacchino: Where do I start? Why can't Kori be in two books while Harley Quinn now is as well as teaming up with a hero? The costume is designed more like the cartoon which I'm not thrilled about. I watched the cartoon (not the shorts they do now), I liked it but that's not the same Starfire. Then there's the writing team. I got tried of the Powergirl boob jokes and I don't want a Starfire book to be humor based. I'd like a more action based, Sci-Fi series. I'm hoping this doesn't go in the PG direction or the Batgirl direction. Still I'll give it a try since Kori is my favorite DC heroine. Verdict: I'm getting
  • We Are Robin by writer Lee Bermejo and artists Rob Haynes and Khary Randolph: Are random kids in Gotham starring in this book or the characters that were/are Robin? Not sure if I'll get if the former, definitely if it's the latter. Verdict: Needs more information.

Unless Booster Gold/Time Masters is one of the mysterious titles it looks like they got snubbed again despite being in this event.


  1. Section Eight is from the old Hitman series. It was weird beyond belief... and insanely hilarious.

  2. I heard it was from Hitman after I wrote this but I still don't know if I'll get it. I might just need to see a preview.