Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Red Hood and the Outlaws #39

After this its just one more issue to go, a two month break and then the trio are in two different books. It feels very bittersweet.


The drug plot involving Jason is dealt with as we learn Jason hasn't been using. He took a whole lot of vials with him in case he needed to use them and after telling Roy the truth he tosses them out. I just adored this moment between the two where Roy is pratically gushing with pride. I like how it's not overdone like many stories involving drugs are with Roy saying the usual cliches and getting into his own addiction problem. It's mentioned as is Jason's mom but their not the biggest factor. This is Jason's moment that he overcame by himself as he silently acknowledge he could have become an addict but that's not who he is.

I wonder if Jason suspects Kori isn't coming back since he doesn't mention her leading to Roy prompting her as someone Jason has for support. Roy asks if their going to hug and gets a firm no.

Simon Amal: You two really need to get a room.

That's funny since last issue you were the one hugging Jason and are wearing both of their clothes. Don't be hating Simon, Roy just wants a hug and after all this he might need one.

There's some excellent development with Kori and her sister as Blackfire tries to help her overcome her addiction and evade the Citadel that have landed on Earth. Simon has helped them locate Kori only his estimates are a bit broader than they hoped. He doesn't think a missile will do anything to his ship--it does--and as Crux he saves Roy not knowing where Jason is. Rose Wilson turns up and I can't say I'm too thrilled. Given her late arrival it doesn't seem likely that she'll do much. Back with Kori and her sister it turns out Kori used the drug trade to get information, it was a risk she had to take.

I'm not sure if I buy Rose suddenly being cool with them. Happily Kori isn't cool with her and their fight isn't even a match as Kori still rules. They figure out what Kori was doing and she's after the people Rose works for. They see the Citadel setting up shop and Helspont is right behind them.

Overall: I feel Rose is pointless and her being an ex of Jason's (especially the way it's stated) feels very off. Especially if she is being used in another book and won't be used in the same book as Jason for awhile after this arc. Jason was shown as someone that was shocked when a woman was attracted to him (Isabel), didn't get his first kiss until after he came back from the dead (Essence), and never talked this way around women. Now he's bragging? And Rose brings back a few bad memories of Tynions' Cheshire. Its not as bad but it's still overly sexual to the point of ridiculousness.

I wish I could like this issue better than I did it just feels a little rushed. I do like that Kori had a plan I just wish she told her friends. I suppose that's the subtle difference between Jason and her in this issue. He tells Roy the truth while Kori kept it hidden. I'm more than a little surprised Kori didn't react to Simon but she might not have connected him to Crux. I'm looking forward to the next issue and hope it's better than this one. It wasn't bad it just didn't live up to the preview pages.

Say What?: Simon knows their real names? Did he overhear them?

Apparently by the dialogue Rose and Jason were an item? No thanks. It also gets rid of the dork image Jason had around women. I liked that image especially since Dick Grayson has been turned into a stud that sleeps around. We don't need more Bruce Waynes.

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