Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Supergirl #35

The other comic I got for my birthday and I'm only remembering to review now. This takes place around the time Jason was exposed to Venom although it doesn't quite work into that canon.


Kara takes her friends' parents to the hospital to see him but once they get there he asks to be left alone with her. Turns out Red Hood/Jason Todd is waiting for a chance to talk to her. I'm a little bit torn by this as Jason is involving civilians that seem to be scared by him which feels off for him. For some reason Kara flips out thinking Jason harmed her friend Michaels' dog which ticks him off because he doesn't do that crap. Kara is stunned that he's able to break her hold on him. Despite Jason doing nothing but wait for her to show up Kara attacks saying he threatened innocent people to "take her on."

I'm not sure why she's under this impression since they worked together fine in the Batman/Superman Annual. Seeing that Kara is being the hothead when he just came to talk he shoots her (with Kryptonite blasts?) just to give him some distance. She assumes he'll need saving since their high up but he shrugs it off since he cane flip himself to safety. The gun is connected to a plot from Superman #29 where the man of steel teamed up with Starfire and he thought it should be brought to her attention before gangs turned up.

They save the day, Jason runs off then sees her with Michael saying good for her even though he said earlier that he didn't see the attraction? Wha...?

Overall: I honestly cringe when writers try to shoe horn crushes/attractions into their stories that come from no where. Why the hell should Jason care about Michael when he's barely interacted with Kara? In his own book he's only flirted/dated Isabel, has some feelings for Essence and seems to feel attracted to Kori although they both decided to remain only friends. He doesn't just express interest or jealousy because he's a "bad boy." Whether that's what's going on here with him? I don't know. Kara seems to like him that way in her narration although she still can't stand him but again she's acting different than she did in the Annual. The writing is very awkward here.

Plus this doesn't fit into Jason's Venom plotline. At all. When would he have time to do this when he was solely focused on helping his friend? Why wouldn't he just pass this information to Batman to send Superman or her in the right direction? Also it's been stated that Jason only used Venom once as it burned it's way out of his system quickly.

This was just bad. I've read worse but there's not a strong grasp of Jason's character. He's just pushed into the bad boy role to show how mature Kara is. This isn't even how he's written during this time period! Jason has ZERO reason to be in this story as nothing affects him and he would have no time for this! Roy was on ther verge of dying and Kori was missing! Knowing that makes this issue far worse. I really wish writers would read RHATO because this and Eternal treat him badly and don't get the character. At least this had him capable.

Say What?: I just like the exchange where Kara says she thought Jason was normal like Batman and Jason says she has a funny concept of normal.

Jason seems to be praising Supermans' relationship with Batman even though he personally didn't like Superman or agree with his choices.

I recall hearing that Supergirl wasn't exactly in character in the first Batman/Superman Annual. That
said I'm not sure why she thinks Jason is trouble when she sees him. Sure Clark likely said something but she didn't seem to care in the Annual and they got along. If this is keeping that story of their only meeting why did she change her mind? Is it just because she wants to be normal?

Did You Notice?: Jason's blade wings from RHATO #2--which for some reason warranted being on the Red Hood action figure--make another appearance here. Only this time their used as a weapon.

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