Friday, February 27, 2015

Mystery Grab Bag: Marvel

I saw a sale on these and grabbed a few to try something new. These are the four Marvel books that were put in.



I read maybe two issues of the ultimate comics before but it never made me want to keep up. According to the recap Kitty Pryde set up a mutant Utopia and dated James Hudson. I think it's supposed to be a different person than Wolverine in this universe but I'm not sure. Also Jean Grey is the bad guy now. She sent an army to fight Kitty's people and after she sees Kitty isn't bowing down she spreads lies about Utopia being dangerous. Magma shows impressive power as she helps Utopia survive and for some reason Kitty puts Pitor in charge.

Overall: This wasn't horrible and it wasn't amazing. There's a lot of explaining that still can't get you into the comic if you haven't read previous issues. I get the whole war thing I just don't feel too invested in it because it seems like Jean is just being petty. Kitty would have been awesome if she didn't just pass off leadership at the end. Maybe she means he runs things just below her but it sounds like she wants him to take over. It was okay just not enough to get me to look up more issues.


I used to love all things related to the X-Men before I dropped Marvel for years. Even if I wanted to get back to reading the X-books there's a lot of material. Reading the summary of this arc makes me glad I dropped these titles as the term "clone/lover" comes up. They try to protect a girl from their former teammate. They save her and Betsy ends up in Bishops' head.

Overall: Same deal as above. I'm not invested in the story and have no idea what's going on inside Bishops' head. Nothing outside Sprials' affection for the girl Ginny stood out.


The thing about Wade Wilson/Deadpool is that he can either be hilarious or REALLY annoying. I didn't care one way or another with the opening. Wade fighting a flunky of Dr. Doom that wants to kill a woman for reasons which are never fully explained. It's not important to the rest of the issue as it somehow goes from that to his theme song to the vampire plot. The vampire section being the most entertaining. Dracula wanted to hire Deadpool only Wade misunderstood and killed the lackey delivering the message. Now Dracula wants to kill Wade instead.

Overall: I found this the most entertaining of the Marvel books although I have read better Deadpool stories. Cable and Deadpool being my my favorite.


This is about the secret group of leaders in the Marvel universe that do things the other heroes don't know about. I know enough from what I've heard of this series to know Xavier used to be on this council before his death and is replaced by Beast. Captain America was kicked off. The world might be coming to an end only that's one factor at play. Namor and Black Panthers' counties are at war.

Overall: This is more interesting than I thought it would be. My favorite scene being the dinner Dr. Strange, Reed, Kristoff and Doom have. It's always nice to see Kristoff (although he's far older than he was the last time I saw him) and seeing that Doom knows something is up. They refuse to tell him, Reed going so far as threatening if he asks for answers again. The character interactions are strong I'm just not sure I'd want to read this every month. A good read though.

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