Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Coming and Potential going of JLI

I'll have to get some extra comics:

Blue Beetle #11 (Booster appearance.)
Batwing #12 (JLI appearance w/Winick writing)
JLI Annual (Something shocking is hinted at, written by Johns.)

If JLI is being canceled (I'm still not fully convinced of this, call it denial) then I'm thinking about getting Worlds' Finest for my second long term book. I'm also thinking about going back to Teen Titans but I don't enjoy it as much (the art isn't my taste.)

In other news I recently got the Court of Owls and Black Mirror trades. May do reviews of them later on. Also got Batman Year One and loved it (except for that Gordon plotline I never liked.)


  1. Like you, I'm not 100% convinced that the JLI is ending and am expecting some sort of relaunch after the Annual and the #0 issues in September.

    Regarding Worlds' Finest, there's only been one issue so far but it's very promising.

  2. I'm rather distraught about JLI. But I will certainly be getting all of the books that you listed.

  3. Gary: It does sound fishy, doesn't it? I hope that's the case. Yes, I enjoyed it and planned on sticking with it. Hopefully it's continue to be fun.

    Sally: I didn't get BB since the first issue but it might be good. Besides I need more of a Booster fix. I'm going though serious withdraw.