Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unsolicited thoughts on the solicits

Because there's some interesting things at work in the month of August.

JLI/JLI ANNUAL/Batwing: I heard JLI was cancelled through different sites but not in the solicits themselves. The Annual sounds like some kind of end is near but WHY push the characters into an Annual and Batwing? OMAC I get, it's Didios' book. But the only interest I have in it is the Maxwell Lord connection. I am curious with what Johns does. But I'm really curious what Winick will do with JLI given his time writing them in JLGL. Or if it will be mentioned that a character he created was killed off. Plus any interaction Dick has with Booster.

Worlds' Finest: I haven't gotten around to a review but I did read Worlds' Finest and except for the Helena B. slight I enjoyed it. But Huntress doing things in Rome, that's not helping take the sting out of it. PG still has a terrible costume, I like the simplier version of white and gold better than this.

Superboy: Lobdell doesn't write this anymore? Wonder if the rumors of him taking over Superman are true.

Batgirl: Let's be honest here. Barbara is no where near the top of her game. Kate is a fighter that went for three years of intense training. There's no way Babs should win this one, smarts or not. When Babs trained Cass against a computer generated version of herself Cass won all rounds except for the one time Babs' "smarts" had her trip Cass. Not that I get why Kate would care anyway.

Green Lantern: More badass Guy and Kyle taking this months' GL bondage pick. There should be a drinking game over how many covers a Earth GLs gets tied up in 100 covers or so.

Red Hood and the Outlaws: Without a doubt my favorite cover of the bunch. It's a classic Sci-fi movie poster look. (Has GL ever done that?) Kori is completely covered up and looks awesome. While I question Roys' fashion sense he still looks good. Isabel is shaped a little weird but I don't have a problem with her holding onto Jason as she's the only one of the cover who's a civilian. Jason looks amazing too. I'd be interested in seeing if Lobdell skips past all the "I can't tell her who I am" spiel and has her know the main stuff at the start.

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  1. Badass Guy and Kyle bondage is always a welcome idea.

    I've heard about JLI being ended, which depresses me completely, but I'm not sure if it is the end of the whole shebang, or what?