Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9 & Worlds' Finest #1

A surprise guest star appears in RHATO ( one that many including myself have been waiting for) and a fridging in WF.

Worlds' Finest #1:

Besides the costume PG has and killing Helena B. off panel so Helena W. can be Huntress, I enjoyed this title. The girls are good friends and it shows. This was the first time in awhile I could enjoy Maguires' work without cringing over memories of other titles he did. I'm loving the idea of Helena being a Robin and very curious what exists on her world. I assume Dick Grayson still existed because he's the one who creates the Robin ID. Do the other bat kids? I'm especially curious how Helena will feel towards her siblings, mainly the Jason since he's expelled from the family.

Some have said having the ladies steal makes them less heroic. I liked this angle, it's realistic. They have nothing on this planet and they come from a world that was worse off. It does remind me of BG when Booster stole a credit card (although he promised to pay it back once he made it big.) I'm fond of grey area characters and hope this is explored more. I plan to keep reading this.

Did you notice?:

Helena trying to burn her Robin costume on the beach. Wouldn't that be fire proof?

Red Hood and the Outlaws #9:

The image of them all hanging out on a gargoyle is cute. I like that Roy gets what Jason is feeling, that Jason knows Roy does as he suddenly leaps off the building. Roy's pretty in tuned to him through all their interactions. My favorite one was when he gets his attention to melt the ice around Jasons' hand (something Jason forgot about.) It shows how shaken up Jason is and how Roy is more than "the funny guy." I also enjoyed seeing more of Roys' feelings towards Kori as I'm hoping that builds into a relationship.

Jasons' thoughts on how he was born and raised there and his own death made the fan in me happy. A truly nice touch that Jason knows the story of the Owls and referring to them as "Rich folks." The bit with Freeze furiously proclaiming that he's not "some defenseless idiot who needs the protection of Batman" was a great moment as it hits a chord with Jason. Having him piece together the connection between the assassin and the circus was nicely done. I especially love how Jason talks about the impression most kids have of the circus being a magical place. The encounter between Jason and the Talon seems a little sudden in places but given how other Talons connected with other bats I could buy this. Mainly because I can see it affecting each Talon differently and like Jason did (does?) he wants to die. His smile when Jason puts the gun to his head is heartbreaking.

Very meta stuff that reads much stronger the second time through.

I have to say this is the most in character Barbara Gordon has been in ANYTHING I've read since the relaunch. No I didn't buy other books with her in them but I have read through some. It was nice to read this even if I can't stand her as Batgirl and hate how she acts. Much as I love Babs (or at least how she used to be) there are things about her that always drove me crazy. She's a tad arrogant and very judgemental. Yep, she's like this with most of the BOP last I checked. Was like that with Huntress. Mentioned the Red Hood as a bad guy when she talked to Dick. As much as I love this scene it highlights a lot of Barbaras' faults and those of the bat family at large.

She starts by threatening him (someone she hasn't seen since his funeral) and basically scoffs at his deed telling him it doesn't make up for what he did in the past. First of all, Jason never did anything to Barbara personally. She's not someone that he needs to earn forgiveness or trust from. Of all the bats she should have some idea what he went through but she's too concerned with her own problems to even consider his. Granted I believe she might have as Oracle but this fits the current Babs. The real sign of arrogance on her part is the idea that if she ever sees him around Gotham again he'll go to jail.

I mentioned how I doubted she could stand against Kate? Same deal with Jason. I'm actually surprised she's not freaking out over the fact he has guns. She's hasn't done this in 3 years while Jason has been training--to the point he stood up against Batman and Nightwing--she shouldn't have a chance if it came to that. Glad Jason basically tells her the same thing (in a somewhat nicer way.)

Did You Notice?:

I read spoilers for Batgirl #9 so I know what happened. Shouldn't she focus on taking those ballon bombs out before she worries about other things? Maybe Kori will do so on their way out.

Say What?

Kori thinks Jason hates Batman? Not a huge problem since Jason acts like he does. I just thought she would see through it. Still their slowly starting to get each other.

Jason says he liked it better when they didn't know each other. Roy and Kori did know each other before Jason came around. Kori has a memory with him in it and Jason mentions them knowing each other from before.

Although it's never clarified Freeze asks if he's the Red Hood. They have met before in Under the Hood when Freeze (acting much like he does here) helps Black Mask by trying to kill Red Hood for him. It was a short meeting but Jason IS wearing a different outfit. The Talon even wonders if Jason is working for Batman, likely because of the bat on his chest.

Would a bullet to the head stop a Talon? Reminds me of Heroes when healers wouldn't stay dead if the item that "killed" them was removed.

Jason (or Roy, it's not clear although Roy isn't on panel then) says "nice legs" to Barbara. This is the first time he's seen her since he came back and she was in a wheelchair before he died. He also flirted with her when he was Robin.

Jason says he got to play the reindeer games. I liked this line not just because it's snarky but it actually gives insight to how excluded he is.

I guess Barbara didn't hear Tim asking Jason to join them since she's shocked he helped them. She doesn't mention the bat he wears.

I hope the "better bats than you have tried" line means Jason was never in prison. Those stories never made sense to me.

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