Thursday, May 31, 2012

Court of the Owls action figures ? Yes? No?

I'm always surprised when certain story arcs get a line of action figures (like the Return of Bruce Wayne wave) and other bigger storylines get ignored. I mean I know Blackest Night was big but the only one I got was the (Ted) Blue Beetle. I rather get the Talons than Black Lanterns. There's at least 11 introduced. Plus the new 52 designed good guys could be made too.

Talon (William Cobb)
Red Robin
Talon (Xiao Loong/RHATO)
Red Hood
Talon (Henry Ballad/BOP)
Black Canary
Talon (Ephraim Newhouse/Catwoman)
Talon (Alexander Staunton /Batwing)
Talon (Mary/Batgirl)
Talon (Edwin Wilkins/B&R)
Talon (All Star Western)

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