Friday, May 11, 2012

Justice League International Annual

Kind of have mix feelings on this. I love having more Booster (although I'm still on the fence about getting his appearance in Blue Beetle) but are they going to change the line up AGAIN? Where's Batwing and why would Jaime be part of this? I don't recall reading anything Didio wrote but hey, Geoff Johns is writing too.


  1. DiDio co-scripted some later SUPERBOY issues, about a year of OUTSIDERS issues, and the "New 52" OMAC. None of those gigs has lasted very long.

  2. I have to admit that I'm looking forward to this...mainly because I just miss annuals, and those incredible 80 page Giants and stuff. And Geoff Johns did a good job with Booster and he does a pretty fabulous Guy.

    It's also nice to see Jaime. Too bad it is the new Jaime and not the real one.

  3. I know this is way off topic here, but I wanted to let you know that my JLI subscription was cancelled by DC. They reduced on what you can subscribe to. Such a mess. They actually stopped that and aquaman.

  4. Boosterritic: Believe me, I know about OMAC. But can't say I read anything of his.

    Sally: Anything with more Booster is good. Well, I'd call the old Jaime the fun one. I didn't get past issue #1 of the new one.

    Jimmy: I heard about that which sucks because there are a lot of titles that need to be sold via subscriptions. Book stores don't carry certain issues and some readers don't have a LCS nearby.