Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cancellation Confirmed

From a interview with Judd Winick:

While the JLI are in the book with issue #12, has the cancellation of "Justice League International" affected the story you're telling at all? Or is what you're doing unaffected as it is specific to your book?
The script was written before the announcement. Even though the book is being canceled, I don't think the JLI is being disbanded so much as we're not publishing a book about it. I can't tell you how it's being wrapped up, y'all will just have to read the JLI title. In Batwing, we will leap in as a team, and Batwing as a member.


  1. Well, that confirms it, I guess. Dagnabit!

  2. I still don't get the need for this. Why is JLI ending when other lower selling books aren't?

  3. I couldn't even begin to tell you the reason. It doesn't really make much sense, now, does it?