Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DC t-shirts

I really like a lot of the t-shirts DC has including a lot of the DCnU covers. First a Starfire T-shirt, something I never thought I'd see. There are a lot of Robin shirts but the one that gets me is the WWBD? Um, adopt more kids and ignore the ones he already has? Damian does get his shirt from B&R #1.) Tim is with the Titans. While Dick gets a new Nightwing tee Jason does not get one for RHATO (which I would buy) although he did have one released for the UTRH movie awhile back. JLI doesn't get one either but JLD does. Seriously what is up with this selection process? I mean I enjoyed JLD but that's a new JL, at least JLI was in the old verse. Even the new Green Arrow has a tee! Naturally Batwoman as one (two actually since it comes in sizes for men and women) because her art is lovely. For Sally here's all the Green Lantern tagged things. Don't ask me why TT is in it. Of course the funniest is Aquamans'.

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