Tuesday, May 8, 2012

RHATO #8 and JLI#9

RHATO starts the tie in for Court of the Owls and JLI gets a crossover with OMAC.


Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

I'll cover the biggest controversy in another post because I don't think I can do it justice here. But it has to do with the meeting between Jason and Tim. I have to admit this series has topped JLI as my favorite book but I'll get to that a little later on. Regardless I was a little unsure about this issue simply because of Suzie Su. I heard someone say that Lobdell confirmed she was a transvestite when they met in person and was waiting for more backlash. But that was never brought up in the book. I was dreading what Jason could have done to piss her off so much and worried it was something besides ruining her family business. It wasn't, at least not in this issue. Her father is still at large (no pun intended) so that might be expanded on.

This was just plain fun as the team comes together to help Jason save a hospital of sick children Suzie takes hostage to lure Jason into her trap. For all the complaining that the trio isn't "in character" I was amused that the flashback of Jason has him echoing what he does in UTH in a more reckless fashion. Kori and Roy act much like I expect them to, which pleased me. Because Kori does have a temper and I was waiting for someone to mention that it's a trait she shares with Jason. Roys' amused of course. As for Jason, he continues to grow as a person. It's a nice callback to his thoughts in #2 when he shot Suzie since he feels no joy in the act. Jason empathizes because he got a second chance and was consumed by vengence too. He offers Suzie a chance to walk away from this quest to kill him which she declines promising not to stop until she succeeds. Seeing that there's no other option and having proof of how far she'll go (re: threatening hostial of children)Jason takes her out.

There were some great character moments with Roy asking Kori if she can kill the gunmen without feeling bad about it. Her serious expression against the memory of herself as a child in slavery really sells her response. I have to admit I was giddy when I read Roy ask her out on a proper date and Kori saying she thinks she'd like that. DC killed any interest I had in seeing Dick get back with Kori long before the relaunch and I like the idea of her with Roy. The trio works well together, each issue having them learn more about each other and change a little. Kori seems especially protective of Jason, Roy trying to understand him better, Jason letting them get a little closer. I especially loved his response to Kori when she asked if he was okay. Roy wants Jason to show them around Gotham but Jason just wants to leave. Only Roy says he wants to see the batcave triggering the alien ships' progam to pick up signals.

They hear Alfreds' message for the Court of Owls crossover. I love how both Roy and Kori know how much this affects Jason. Kori watching him as they listen, asking if he knows Red Robin and waiting to see if he wants to help. Roy tries to nip this potential problem in the bud by pointing out others have it covered and mutters his doubt that Jason will stick his neck out for his family to Kori. I love how this book usually has Jason unmask when his guard is down then remask to put it back up. Tims' call does affect him, it's likely the biggest reason he decided to help.

Art-wise there were a couple of things that bugged me. Too much blank space, the yellow walls to the children ward, Roys' now noticble eyes and one shot of Starfire. One panel of Tim did remind me of Booths' design of the character which I thought was well done without copying another artists' style too much.

Did You Notice?: The man in the coffin Jason stabs to get attention at the funeral was wearing a hair piece. You can see it falling down and how it looked in the picture placed on the coffin. Art error in the flashback between Jason and Tim. It's supposed to take place before Jason met Kori but he's wearing the bat armor he got from her.

Say What?: Jason says that he got money to fund his mission by taking it from the crime families of Hong Kong. This is another slight change from the backstory Winick did for Jason when he has Talia fund his efforts. I like this version better because I can't see Jason, the kid that didn't want to be a charity case, just accept it. Although I don't agree with Jason saying he was "lazy", impatient to get the money he needed? Yeah, but Jason has always put effort into his work.

Justice League International #9: This was a blah issue for me. Mainly because the OMAC part seems too forced and despite the bad guys causing trouble I find it hard to take them seriously. It might be the bright costumes and the names. I did enjoy Godivas' thoughts and her reaction to the team causally talking in the sewers. I completely forgot any connection Batman had with OMAC before it was explained. This really made me miss JLGL, that Max Lord and Gavril.

The big bad does look a little too much like Harvest from the Culling cross over. Red and black themed guys with hooded cloaks. I liked seeing Guy do more and his bathroom joke with Booster but there wasn't much to wow me. I think I'll like this better when the next arc starts.

Say What?: Is Batman still in on Boosters' time traveling secret or was the last BG series completely erased? I know he's explaining it to Batwing but it just reads weird. He did mention Booster being a leader when he was a quarterback, obviously he knows more.


  1. Hi, first of all I just wanna say that I have been following this blog for two years now but the very first thing that I found/read was your post about Roy Harper and Jason's friendship and then I was hooked because I have loved Jason since before UTRH came out. BUT it was only TODAY that I created an account so I can finally comment here. ^^

    Even if I doubt you will answer because this post is five years old...

    In RHATO #1, Jason was also already wearing the red bat in his chest RIGHT BEFORE meeting Kori so... idk if it was Lobdell that said that Jason got the uniform with Kori or something ('cause I just re-read RHATO New 52 all over again so to be sure) and nowhere does anyone (character) say that Jason got it with Kori.

    Now, perhaps I can get behind Jason wearing an old 'prototype' of Nightwing's but that is unlikely for a very simple reason: Jason is taller and bulkier than Dick. So not even saying 'Jason is only wearing the top' would work because Jason is wider and if he is also wearing Dick's pants... they would be too short. Unless we amuse ourselves by picturing Dick in hills built into his Nightwing boots which... pretty possible lol and then Jason also modifying the chest armor because otherwise Jason wearing Dick's old clothes is just plain impractical.

  2. PS-Jason being lazy is also a pretty weird idea for me. Like... the guy strategized the whole confrontation with Bruce and everything when he first went back to Gotham and... what suddenly the character went back to righters that didn't like him and Jason have 'always' been reckless and impulsive and incapable of planning?

    In this case, we can perhaps see that Jason didn't plan much beyond using force to get his resources thus: lazy. But Jay is kinda an unreliable narrator when it's about... pretty much anyone connected to the Bat (himself included).

    1. True. I don't see that with him attacking the funeral. Jason admits it was the first time he was around "normal people" since his death suggesting he loss the concept at the time. Jason came back to the real world after leaving the All Caste on bad terms when they kicked Essence out.

      I saw it as a callback to Jason telling the crime lords of Gotham he was in charge in UTH. In the end Jason got the job done since we know he took out several mob families and uses their money. That's less lazy than the bat kids that just use Bruce's funds.

  3. Thank you ! It's always nice to talk to a fan of the series.

    I think the Bat symbol was just an art mistake given the story set-up for Jason wearing Dick's armour when he's with Tim. RHATO 1? Didn't Jason know Kori before that since the flashback happened in 6 when he got the armour from her? The talk with Tim happens before he ends up on the island.

    In issue 6 Jason meets Kori and since his clothes were damaged she offered some of Dick's. Jason originally declines but Kori suggests not letting people or clothes define who you are. If you're reading from the trade it comes before #1 but except for the cover Jason doesn't have the bat on his chest the whole issue.

    Different artists have different views of Jason's bulk but yeah. I like the idea just not the fact it doesn't take Jason's height difference into consideration. Well at first Jason wore some alien armored pants Kori had so maybe he did modify it.