Thursday, March 20, 2014

Is Booster Gold Canadian in the new 52?

The answer is actually a little tricky.

Nrama: It's been pointed out that Booster Gold is supposedly Canadian. Is there any possibility that we'll see Booster Gold in this comic?

Lemire: [Laughs.] That's a good one. You know, Booster Gold is Canadian, but if you ask Dan Jurgens, the man who created him, he's not. So I'm going to stay totally away from that one. [Laughs.] I'm working with Dan on Futures End, so I have to be good to Dan.
So yeah, no Booster.

Nothing against Canada but I like that Booster was from Gotham. Respect Dan Jurgens especially after they threw his run away in the JLI Annual.


  1. There's nothing tricky about it. There has yet to be ANYTHING published by DC Comics to give any indication that Booster is anything other than American. Yes, several DC employees have been quoted saying that Booster is Canadian, but that doesn't change the character's nationality any more than Grant Morrison saying that Batman is "very, very gay" makes that character a homosexual.

  2. Oh good grief. He's from Gotham City. Which for some reason, always pleased me.

  3. Boosterrific: Well I was joking because Lemire wasn't going to press the issue. My impression is that DC wanted to and Jurgens said no. For now their not addressing it in comics. I know there was a lot of stuff Winick wanted to do that will never see print and I don't think of it as canon. Although I know some do.

    Sally: Me too. It just feels right for the character, how it connects to his backstory and how it affects him as a hero.