Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weirdest Thing I read all Month

I'm sure there were weirder things in other books but as far as what members of the bat family can do? Jason seems to be adding to that list more and more lately.

At first Jason just used mystical swords called the All Blades to kill the Untitled under Lobdell. Tynion made Jasons' chest glow and pull out magical swords with no explanation. Now Pfeifer has added another odd magic trick.

Jason Todd has set up a "unconscious psychic trapdoor" link with Roy and Kori? HOW?! What the hell can he do if he keeps pulling this random stuff out of no where?! This needs to be explained! Was it an accident hence "unconscious"? He had a limited window to do this if it was during the LOA arc. Jason had no idea what he was doing until he regained his memories and even then he was fighting for his life.
I just...why does he have random mental powers now?

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