Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Short Review: Lois Lane #1

I didn't know what to expect but make no mistake--this is Lois' book.


That said the story is a little odd with the drug that can turn you into whatever creature you come in contact with. A little cliché in that regard and I have seen it done better. It kind of reminds me of a story in Batman Beyond where people wanted to make themselves look like animals thus becoming Splicers. I don't think it was marketed as such to the buyers in this. One thing that made this book work for me is the bond between the Lane sisters. Although their relationship is strained Lois remains strong and Lucy still believes that big sis will help her out. There's a lot going on here and some nice meta material with Lois searching for the truth and Lucy not being completely honest with her. I like how it ties into their childhood and their mother as well. Ella knew her girls enough to know they'd be okay. Speaking of which this brings up a controversy that came up a few months ago.

Back when the cover first showed up some were upset that Lois had a darker skin tone. This was used against artist Kenneth Rocafort because his Talia Al Ghul was much paler. I don't know how much input he has in the coloring but there's a reason with Lois. Her mother is apparently Hispanic in the new 52. That's a neat change and I certainly like Ella more in this than I liked Mrs. Lane in the Superman wedding special. It makes Sam a better character too, to see him so affected by someone and it explains why the family dynamics changed after her death. The nicknames and secret language between the sisters were nice touches to show how close they once were.

I'm not 100% sure if they were implying the roommate is Lucys' girlfriend or not. I kind of got the vibe though, maybe they were testing the waters with that one. Amanda lucked out by touching their cat and turning into a cat person while Lucy must have come in contact with a bug. Nevertheless I think this was alright. There were some odd choices in dialogue and I'm still not sure what was up with the Jimmy/Lois scene. Why did she want Jimmy to grind himself into her fist and why did he do it? The anti-villain in "The Agent" is intriguing and Lois really shines throughout the whole story. Happy 75th Anniversary Lois Lane! While I'll never be convinced that anyone but you should be with Clark Kent that hardly means you can't stand on your own. I hope this sold well and if a series were to come from this I'd buy it.

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