Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Short Review: Green Lantern New Guardians #29

I haven't read GL stuff in the new 52 and have been thinking of getting into one of the books at some point in trade. I got this issue because of the appearance of X'Hal, the goddess Starfire worships.
Before the reboot X'Hal was a goddess created by the same alien race that gave the Tamaran royal family (Komand'r, Koriand'r and Ryand'r) their powers. You'd think they'd learn the first time. If I remember correctly she wasn't from Tamaran in the original version and went Dark Phoenix at some point. So what's changed?


I like this issue but I have to say that's because I enjoyed the connections to Tamaran. That some of them left their home world to follow their goddess and their faith was eventually rewarded. X'Hal is more a living flame which is a big improvement over the original design. She's not insane but that doesn't mean she's perfect either. I like her personality in this, how she sees herself as a god but still shows humanity. There's regret, annoyance and she's just so causal talking to everyone over how tiring it is to have people kneeling all the time. Kaland'r has lots of potential as she puts so much faith into her goddess and if she makes it out of this with that intact I could see her becoming a blue lantern.

For a GL story that's not much to attach me to the characters other than a few moments with Kyle. The concept of gods and their flaws is an interesting and I do appreciate seeing the New Guardians giving this careful consideration. Maybe if they think things through their avoid the same fate as their fellow Guardians. Likewise seeing Kyle unmoved by another being with great power when he was one once was another good touch.

Mostly I like the potential this story sets up with X'Hal and Kala. While this does keep the scientifically created backstory keeping her around could avoid the same thing from happening to Komand'r and Ryand'r (if he exists in DCnU.) Just have X'Hal decide to grant them powers like she did with Kala. It would make family conflicts between Kori and Komand'r interesting because Kom would have their goddess' blessing to back her up. Which is one of the reasons I hope X'Hal isn't killed, because Starfire should have a story about them meeting. How does she feel knowing that her goddess didn't save their people or her? If she still believes in X'Hal then how do Jason and Roy feel about meeting a supposed god?

I don't know if GL fans will like this one but it's a good look into the world Starfire comes from which is always fun. Ironically I enjoyed this more than this weeks' RHATO.

Say What?: Kaland'r? Like Calendar? Also I'm pretty sure the "and'r" of the name is supposed to be like a surname. Is she supposed to be related to Starfires' family?

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