Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Short Review: Serenity Leaves on the Wind #2

Things sure picked up for this one.


Zoe can be saved but she won't be able to be moved for days. The best part of the whole issue is the scene with Mal not wanting to leave Zoe and her asking him to go to save her daughter. Their loyalty and friendship was something I loved on the show. It's not often you get such a strong female/male bond that's purely platonic on tv. It's obviously a choice Mal agrees with reluctantly and weighs heavily on him. Things get worse when Jayne finally brings the rebel leader to Mal. Early takes out her crew leaving her stuck onboard with the man she wants to led the rebellion but has no interest in doing so. Essentially she sent her crew on a pointless mission that gets them killed. Mal doesn't trust Jayne since he left and only returned by being paid to find them. Zoe is taken by the Alliance after refusing to betray the others. River thinks they can get her out if she can make herself remember the information she gleamed from the Alliances' heads. To do that she needs to be put into a deep sleep for 12 hours. We're left on the cliffhanger of Early finding her helpless.

A much faster pace than last issue with plenty of conflict. While everything that happened was pretty predictable it was still a good read. All this needs to be perfect is more twist and quirky humor.

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