Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Short Review: All Star Western #28

I got the digital copy and I'm glad I didn't get the physical version. I'm talking about the Booster part only. As short as it is I felt the need to say something about it.


For a Jonah Hex story this is good, filled with some entertaining moments for a guy that's out of the old west. For a Booster cameo he doesn't look too good. Basically he left a guy from the past for a month or more to his own devices in the future instead of picking him up at a certain moment. Like a couple of minutes after he arrived. Maybe Hex had to be in the future for awhile but that wasn't stated here. Booster then puts them back in the past with Hex's face fixed? He gets all his clothes, tells him to leave behind the stuff he got from the future and doesn't notice that? Hex even points out that Booster wore his uniform without thinking of it affecting time. He just did it because the plot required him to be silly. I want to think that was planned along with all of this but it doesn't come off that way. Booster seems to be winging it and as far as his appearance in DC present goes it doesn't seem like a big deal. The last time he was there he witnessed the Wonder/Super kiss of doom that made him disappear. So what, their kiss just has the power to send him through time and conveniently forget things?

I also don't think Booster deserved the punch to the face since it was Hexs' fault they were separated in the first place.

Questions Raised?: Who was the cop lady that woke up and walked out after she was in a coma? That sounds pretty badass.

Booster can send people through time by himself without going with them?


  1. These are good questions, and alas, I cannot answer them either.

    But still...always nice to see Booster.

  2. Good to know I didn't miss any explanation in the issues I missed. Thanks!

    That it is and hey, he's been written far worse.