Monday, March 10, 2014

Someone Finally Clues Bruce in

The Batman/Superman Annual didn't acknowledge what happened in Batman and Red Hood #20. That was the last time Bruce and Jason saw each other but there were still some good interactions between the two. This scene was the closest we actually got to bringing it up as Jason reacts to Bruces' warning.

The page and my thoughts under the cut.

  • I should mention Barbara. She adds nothing to this scene, she doesn't even have anything to say after this nor does she have anything to say to Jason in the whole issue. The last part isn't too shocking since I think the only time she directly spoke to him was in RHATO #9. Still they have never talked about their traumas at the hands of Joker which strikes me as pretty odd. Jason has at least mentioned her suffering in the past. As for Barbara being here in this annual--I think this page was the only reason she was there. Even then she just glances down as Bruce is speaking and never addresses what was said. Basically if Krypto goes she goes. At least the old Babs would have told him off for this.
  • I appreciate that Bruce expresses concern for them but at the same time it only occurs to him that their be in danger after they stand in front of him and long after he asked Jason to come along? It's also condensing and insulting since, as Jason points out, he already endangered them every time they stepped out of the cave.
  • While I would have liked for Barbara to have said something in response to this I'm glad Jason said his piece because having this come from him has more of an impact since he was the one Bruce lost. For years people have said that Jason was reckless, that he saw life as a game but that's not the case at all. He's amazed that only now does it seem to dawn on Bruce that their lives hang in the balance. Especially because of his death, Babs' injury and Damians' death. He has every right to be pissed and tell him off. If Batman and Red Hood #20 is canon (who knows) Jason likely is stunned that Bruce actually cares since he had no problem throwing what he went through back in his face for his own benefit.
  • Bruce is mad because he knows Jason is right.

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