Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bruces' behavior after Dicks' "Death"

I'm not reading Batman Eternal or any of the Bruce lead books so maybe this has been touched. I want to know how Bruce is acting around the family after they fake Dicks' death. Because it's canon that he's a jackass when grieving. (Well okay everyone besides Tomasi had him dealing with Damians' death maturely.) Won't it be noticeable to them that he's not going crazy? Batman and Robin gave us a Bruce that tried to bring Damian back from the dead without considering what his son wanted. Who treated his second and third adopted sons like crap in some truly inexcusable behavior. Jasons' death made him suicidal and much darker. The only reason this shouldn't be a red flag is if they think it means he doesn't care...which would be weird since Dick's supposed to be the golden boy of the family.


  1. I'm not reading it either. Apparently Bruce hasn't even told Alfred that Dick isn't actually dead. When is Bruce going to stop being a jerk?

  2. I think it's ridiculous that he kept the whole family out. It's not just insulting it proves the Joker was right and Batman doesn't trust them. Likely when he accepts proper therapy which will never happen.