Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Short Review: Forever Evil #7

I'm way behind on my comic reading and reviewing. Anyway not so new spoilers ahead.

I like how Lex won, I liked the nice Batman/Dick moment, Owlman vowing to be a team with Dick. Ted Kord appearing and the potential with Superwomans' baby. But dear god this bore me to tears. Things like what Cyborg did happened off panel (I know it was a tie in but it feels out of place here), we get random shipper bait with Batman being "close" to Diana and a lot of things I just can't make myself care about. I even had trouble seeing Ted as Ted since he's just there to gush about Lex. This wasn't a good mini series not just because of the glacial pacing but it never knows where to focus. By the time the team's together the series is ending. Lex just doesn't feel like Lex to me, not during his nice guy moments anyway. I do think it's hilarious that he's able to get the obvious Batman ID but not Superman despite his enemy not wearing a mask.


  1. Thank the Lord this thing is finally...finally over. Man, did it drag on forever! Things finally began to pick up, but still...!

  2. I'll say, I can't recall ever wishing a story would hurry up. Not like this.