Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meeting the New Warriors

New Warriors is currently the only ongoing book I'm getting from Marvel. The problem of course is that it's not selling as much as it should. But the series has so much potential and the characters are very interesting. Some lighter SPOILERS Ahead.

Justice and Speedball
These guys are two of the founders of the New Warriors, a group that has become tarnished in the public eye after one version of the team were involved in an explosion that took out a town. An event that created the infamous Civil War in the Marvel Universe.
Justice/Vance Astrovik (the brunette) is the leader and also an Avenger. He's a mutant with telekinesis. Vance used to be called Marvel Boy and changed his name after he was sent to jail after accidently killing his abusive father. He wasn't sure the New Warriors had a place in the world anymore when the new team comes together thanks to a new threat. The loss of his friends and other founders of the New Warriors: Night Thrasher, Namorita and Nova (Richard Rider), seems to be on his mind as well. Despite some reluctance from most of the new team Vance has gone from unsure to determined to convince them to stay together.
Speedball/Robbie Baldwin received his powers from an accident that gave him kinetic abilities. Robbie started off as the class clown although he's seriously committed to being a hero. He was on the team of New Warriors during the battle that led to death of the town of Stanford, the only member who survived the incident. Since then the guilt has eaten at him and he briefly became Penance, wearing a suit that cut him to access his powers. Since then he's been on the road to recovery acting more like his old self although there are hints that he still suffers from the same guilt. Robbie wants the New Warriors back and is surprised when Vance changes his mind.
Sungirl/Selah Burke is the daughter of a low tier villain called Lightmaster. After stealing her dad's tech Selah decided to become a superhero. She's the only human on the team as her powers are manmade. Despite the villains giving her several chances to escape unharmed due to being human she throws herself into the fight to protect those being hunted. She doesn't see a problem with others having powers or looking different. Selah reminds Justice that their the only ones that can stop the threat and tries to convince Mark that being Inhuman isn't a bad thing.

Haechi/Mark Sim was turned into an Inhuman. He now has to deal with his powers and being an outcast. He finds Sungirl in the middle of a fight and discovers he can absorb energy. This allows him to shoot it back as fire and eventually turn into a dragon like being or rather a Haechi. (Hence the horn on his head.) Mark reluctantly agreed to help the team but isn't sure about his place in the world quite yet. Since other Inhumans are interested in gathering their kind to form alliances he's in a bit of a spot regardless of his choice.

Water Snake
Water Snake/Faira Sar Namora hasn't had much revealed about her yet. She's an Atlantean that claims to be a servant of Namora (cousin of Namor.) When their mystics felt the return of Namorita (Namoras' daughter) she was tasked with finding and returning her to their people. The problem with this, at least as far as Justice and Speedball are concerned, is that she looks just like Namorita although Faira denies being her. She can control water seems to be a skilled warrior.
Nova/Sam Alexander is the newest member of the Nova corps. He's also one of the youngest New Warriors and is the shortest. Arguably the most powerful member Sam lacks experience. While he's not the only rookie (Sungirl, Haechi and Hummingbird are too) he's more impulsive than the others. He's also managed to annoy Scarlet Spider by repeatedly calling him Spider-Man (although to be fair others have made that mistake just not to his face. Or after being corrected multiple times.) 
Hummingbird/Aracely Penalba doesn't remember her past but she shares headspace with a god (she's been stated to be a demigod) and has people trying to kill her. Saved by Scarlet Spider she has been protected by him ever since. Aracely has dubbed him her champion and thanks to her telepathy knows everything about him. Despite his misgiving on being a hero she has unshakable faith in him. Upbeat and eager to be a hero she is excited about their chance to be on a team.
Scarlet Spider
(Okay this pic was from the Scarlet Spider but it fits his personality.)
Scarlet Spider/Kaine Parker is one of two better known clones of Spider-Man/Peter Parker and is actually the first created. He was born imperfect leading to his creator rejecting him then attempting to murder him. Dying and a little out of his mind he focused his attention on making things bad for Peter and his fellow clone Ben Reilly. Still he felt a bond with them especially Ben. Recently cured with a new lease on life Kaine has tried to redeem himself unintentionally being dubbed Bens' codename the Scarlet Spider. Thanks to his past as a killer Kaine doesn't think of himself as a hero. He's generally grumpy, hot tempered and more prone to curse than his brothers. Ever since he saved Aracely he has become her protector and cares for her deeply. He isn't thrilled with the idea of joining the New Warriors and just discovered the history Ben has with the team.
Jake Waffles and Mr. Whiskers
Formerly Caninus and Felinatus (before they renamed themselves) they were created by the High Evolutionary as part of his New Men. But due to the his plans changing he claimed they were not meant to be forcing this cat and dog to go into hiding until the team found them. Their not technically New Warriors but rather supporting characters. Jake is friendly and upbeat. Whiskers isn't and isn't shy of stating his opinion.

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