Saturday, June 28, 2014

The New Warriors vs. the Avengers

While there is an actual fight in the issue I liked this confrontation between Speedball/Justice and Ironman/Captain America. It finally addresses the elephant in the room.

This scene actually has a lot of depth going on. Not just the meta wording of "brand" playing with the idea of Stanford ruining the New Warriors. Speedball has a moment that no one else in the room is aware of due to how stressful the topic is and how desperately he wants/needs the team.
But what really won me over was how Justice handles the situation. Some Spoilers ahead.

At issue #1 Vance doesn't think there's a place in the world for the New Warriors. He thinks their too tarnished and it's more of an Avenger world now. Speedball keeps correcting him whenever Vance says he's an Avenger or asks if Robbie can act like one too. Saying that their Warriors which Vance just ignores until the team saves the day. Much to Robbies' shock Vance is totally onboard now and he proves it here by fighting for them. This is a guy that always wanted to be an Avenger, who's facing his heroes to tell them their wrong. To remind them of their own mistakes.
He chooses his team over the Avengers and more to the point reminds them that the Warriors are heroes.

That includes those that died--who should be honored--and Speedball who isn't any less of hero because of his part in the Stanford incident. Look at Robbies' face, he's touched that his friend believes in him and the New Warriors. He was ready to fight the Avengers and stops once he sees the faith Vance shows. I love seeing the little guys be heroes and stand up for themselves. Plus this kept the Avengers from looking like complete jerks. Usually it's a either/or for who gets portrayed well at the expense of whoever's against the star(s) of the book.


  1. Awww...look at Robbie's face indeed. I'm just glad that he's not wearing spikes anymore.

  2. Well...he's working through the Penance thing I'll post that too.