Monday, June 30, 2014

Speedballs' Penance

While Robbie is acting more like his old self there's still hints of the darkness .

SPOILERS AHEAD for New Warriors #5

A little set up first. Once the team gets time to catch their breath Justice, Scarlet Spider and Watersnake decide to take down the bad guys' weapons. The rest of them (minus Nova who went home) follow Robbies' suggestion that they "save" the villagers. He thinks it's a good time to get to know each other and asks them about themselves. Sungirl and Haechi (who hasn't gotten his codename yet) give more causal answers. Hummingbirds' reply can be seen here. She can be a blurt person who doesn't always understand why people are upset. As a demigod Hummingbird has telepathy and that gives us this insight on Speedballs' mind:
Out loud he plays off her questions as no big deal while mentally asking her not to say anything to anyone else. The implications seem to be that Robbie is still working through his issues and is desperately trying to get back to the time he was happy. Being a New Warrior. He brought up the idea of the team before and now wants to get close again. It's something he was willing to fight the Avengers for before Justice stood up for them. I think he either is on the verge of hurting himself again or still does. Hummingbird asks about the spikes (unclear is she means past tense or not) and I think Robbie was trying access the Penance powers with the Avengers. I don't think Yost will make this dark just bridge the changes between the two. Of course not everyone sees this as a bad thing.
Well she is 15 but considering who her sort-of-guardian is this is pretty hilarious.

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