Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Artist Designer Greg Capullo Line: Talon

Packaging: Far more attractive than the standard this is some excellent graphic designing. Showcasing the figure and accessories properly while still looking nice. Each character has a different color code as well. Dark Grey for Batman, Gold for the Talon, Red for Nightwing, and Green for Riddler. I didn't notice until after I opened this that these were also numbered. I was lucky to have arranged them in order when I took this picture. The only thing I'd improve upon would be the back as DCC in usual don't have attractive backs on their packaging. It does showcase the other figures in the line and has the Batman 75th anniversary logo though. RATING: 8

Comic Accurate Likeness: Since these are marketed as being specifically based on Capullos' art they should look like his work. He designed most of the Talons and this one is based on William Cobb. The Talon that first fights Batman and we later learn is in fact Nightwing/Dick Graysons' great grand father. I don't really care for the idea of connecting Haly Circus to the Court of Owls but I never had a problem with the Talons themselves. Cobb looks pretty good in my opinion and not all artist styles can work well in action figure form. The Michael Turner Identity Crisis figures come to mind. This makes me hope for future artist designer lines so well done DCC. RATING: 10

Sculpting: Does this look like Capullos' artwork? Well if not then the whole line is in trouble but thankfully it does. The amount of detail is the lining of the uniform is greatly appreciated. If they really wanted to push the evelope it would have been nice to see the handle of the dagger being carved like an owl. The sculpt also makes the articulation more natural looking than some of the Marvel Legends lines. The hands could be more open to allow the swords to slip in easier as mine had to be forced in with more effort than the knives. RATING: 9.5 

Paint Job: The first detail I noticed with the paint is that for some reason my figure has a bit of gold on the crotch. It sticks out on a figure with dark clothes. I'm not sure how it got there since the gold goes on the goggles or why this wasn't fixed. Nothing else really sticks out on this one as a big flaw. Rating: 7.5

Articulation: This is one of the best lines of articulation DCC has (the other being the Crime Syndicate from Forever Evil which I don't own.) Still the legs and arms only go so far despite having ball joints. That said it's not quite as good as the range of motion a line like Marvel Legends has. I assumed the elbows were double joined because the knees were, their not. Still the stomach joint and more bendable knees are a vast improvement. The Talon head is connected to the body with no movement which doesn't bother me but might be a detraction for others. The wrists and ankles have ball joints making more poses possible. While it could be better I'm glad DCC is making some much needed changes to their figures and trying out new things. RATING: 9.5

Accessories: With five accessories this makes the most I've seen packed with a figure from DCC, at least the ones I've gotten. We have two swords and two daggers, three of which can fit into the sheaths provided on the figure. The fifth is a delight as it's the owl mask of the court. Since I doubt DCC wants to make a figure of an actual member this gives you the option of making your own provided you have some glue. Yeah, if there's some other way to connect it like Mattels' Starro spores than I haven't found it. Still a nice feature. I would have liked the daggers to have an owl head carved on the handle, otherwise this is above and beyond other pack ins DCC has done. RATING: 10

Misc: I'm not grading this one but I have mentioned it before in my Superboy review. Yep it's that weird B.O. and plastic smell. It will fade when it soaks in soapy scented water for awhile but the smell returns. I'm guessing all the Capullo line and the figures after will have this. I'll try not to mention this in future reviews unless the smell is gone. Let's just say it's worth noting if you don't want to come into the room you displays these in and need to air it out because of the B.O. This is what makes me hesitant to open the other three.

Comparison to other figures: More solid and flexible than Green Arrow and Superboy. Not as articulated as Marvel Legends or the Mattel DC Universe line. Scale wise it should match up with DCCs' New 52 Justice League. RATING: 8.5

Overall: I'm not much on collecting the bad guys in general. Usually I do that if their related to the hero. I plan to put William in my Grayson section with his great, great, great granddaughter Mar'i so that works out. I don't really have any major complaints on this one. I would have liked some more range in the shoulders and thighs but it's not a huge factor with this figure. I liked the extras and while I don't keep the packaging once it's opened I thought it was well executed. Naturally this is a buy for fans of the Talons/Snyder & Capullos' Batman run. It looks like it popped off of the pages and that's always a plus for any action figure that's based on good artwork.

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